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renovation and maintenance tips

THE sidewalk It is a very important element in urban areas. It allows pedestrians to circulate and improves the quality of life in the city. In addition to providing a safe space for walking, the sidewalk is also responsible for sheltering most of the urban vegetation.

The sidewalk reform needs to respect the architectural standard. (Photo: Disclosure)

In some regions of the country, the sidewalks are deteriorated and increase the risk of causing accidents. The main victims are the elderly, who end up not visualizing the irregularities of the floor and take falls that compromise their health.

When not properly cared for, sidewalks can present different types of problems, such as cracks, holes and steps🇧🇷 Recently, actress Beatriz Segall, 86 years old, tripped on a Portuguese cobblestone sidewalk and hit her face on the ground. She suffered a serious bruise on her eye and intends to sue the City of Rio de Janeiro.

What this article covers:

Whose sidewalk is responsible?

THE residential sidewalk it is the property owner’s responsibility, but each city adopts its own rules to improve the conditions of this urban element. sidewalk in poor condition.

The City Hall is responsible for the sidewalk of the public space. (Photo: Disclosure)

if the sidewalk with problems is located in a public area, then the responsibility for repair lies with the municipal administration.

In the capital of SĂŁo Paulo, there is already a service called Disk Calçada (156), whose objective is to deal with complaints of irregularities in the sidewalks🇧🇷 With the center’s work, it is easier to inspect 34,000 kilometers of sidewalks in SĂŁo Paulo.

Sidewalk renovation and maintenance: tips

Check out the following tips for sidewalk repair and maintenance:

• Before renovate the sidewalkit is important to obtain information about the architectural standard of the city hall.

• The most recommended building materials for building or renovating sidewalks are: interlocking draining concrete blocks, natural fibers or recycled tire rubber.

The sidewalk must be renovated or built with appropriate materials. (Photo: Disclosure)

• You maintenance care and settlement are greater in cases of hydraulic tile, granilite, Portuguese mosaic and Miracema stone sidewalks.

• If the sidewalk is wide, it should reserve a space for posts, trees and trash cans.

• The sidewalk strip intended for pedestrian circulation must be firm, continuous and non-slip.

• A sidewalk lanelocated next to the property, may have benches, flower pot and vegetation.

• When purchasing construction materials for the sidewalk, it is always important to think about the pedestrian’s ease of movement.

• The width of the sidewalk to ensure a smooth passage for pedestrians is 1.20 meters.

• In cases of rented property, the sidewalk maintenance it is also the responsibility of the renter.

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