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Renew your wardrobe with the 2023 fashion colors

If you love fashion, planning your looks with lots of colors, styles and diversifying when it comes to dressing, then you need to know the 2023 fashion colors and stay on top of the updated tones and nuances, which are booming this season.

Red, orange and yellow are among the top 2023 fashion colors

Discover, in addition to these, the other 2023 fashion colors, with the main powerful tones of this season;


The warmest and most solar color, yellow brings good vibes, warmth and a lot of boldness within the bets of fashion looks. However, the tone is among the favorites of the 2023 fashion colors.

And the hue is not that super fluorescent yellow, after all the high tone is a softer and more sophisticated burnt yellow.


Blue is a very common shade to reinvent your look, and use a more discreet “cold” tone, while still being modern and creative.

However, in the table of the 2023 fashion colors, the favorite tone is a sky blue, very vibrant and that brings a “candy” effect, super beautiful for the look.


If you admire the most vibrant and effective colors, know that orange is among the 2023 fashion colors, especially very “ginger” tones, as they resemble a fiery red, a detail that natural red is also in trend for hair.

Which has the main tone in the palette, you know that orange is a very powerful color to reinvent any bet and make it more creative, warm and daring.


Hope, nature, serenity, nuances in green are always great when it comes to making the look super “cool” to innovate in the concept of color combination in the look, and of course, it is that very favorite tone among the 2023 fashion colors.

And to let you know your favorite shade, know that the striking green with a darker background or that moss green is one of the colors that promise for this season, bringing an air of mystery and elegance to the production, without losing the fresh proposal. high point of color and super in nature.


Literally fatal when it comes to colors, red is a very powerful and surreal tone, when we think of putting together a power look with it.

However, bright red will be on the rise in different types of pieces and even in make-up, after all, among the 2023 fashion colors, red lipstick will continue triumphant, as an element of value in make-up and visuals.

Just do not forget to keep your look balanced when using this mega “fatal” color and leave the combination very exaggerated. So if you wear a red dress, for example, make your skin glower, your eyes more neutral and your lipstick more pronounced (avoid putting the tone everywhere so as not to weigh down the look).

beige and brown

Neutral tones such as nude, light beige that mimics tones similar to skin colors, for example, are still on the rise.

As well as backgrounds in tones of triumphant brown, which is a classic that is very similar to black, it has an appeal of a “chic” tone without losing its charm and elegance. So it’s worth daring shades of beige, nude and brown, a lot during this year.


Very serene and clean, shades of white are nothing more than one of the 2023 fashion colors, favorites of the season.

It is worth investing in the tone in bikinis, shoes, accessories and also in dresses, especially those who love very delicate lace models. After all, the color will be quite in trend this summer, as far as seeing the tone in a linen set.

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