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Renew the decor in a beautiful and inexpensive way

Renew the decor in a beautiful and inexpensive way🇧🇷 It’s quite common to get sick of our decor and want something new, but it’s not always necessary to change everything in your home. A good idea is to redecorate by changing some furniture positions, colors, paintings or even the walls. There are various forms of renovate the decor without spending a lot, just use your creativity and don’t be afraid to invest in colors that may deviate from the pattern you always use. It is often necessary to take risks to discover new decoration ideas that go well with your home, your pocket and your taste.

Renew the decor in a beautiful and cheap way – Bet on wallpapers to renew the decor in a cheap and creative way (Photo: Disclosure)

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Renew the decor in a beautiful and inexpensive way

Renovating home decor means making it more attractive, comfortable and functional. To do this, you don’t have to spend too much. check below tips to redecorate the house without spending🇧🇷

Paint the Walls – You can paint the entire room or one wall. In addition to making the house more beautiful, it is also a cheap technique. If you choose to change just one wall, remember to opt for one without windows. Dark tones make the room smaller, try not to use them throughout the environment. match the paint color with objects that you already own. It is not necessary that they have exactly the same tone, just that they are harmonic tonalities. It is important to know how to use color in favor of the environment, without loading it.

Invest in rugs, puffs and new colors on the coffee table (Photo: Disclosure)

Change the face of furniture – A new upholstery, fabric, paint or even adhesive that has been used a lot to decorate furniture, can give a new face to the environment. Also bet on patina or decoupage. Using pallets, crates and other disposable items in decoration, you can make many decoration items with these materials you can find for low prices or even for free.

Invest in accessories – Renew the decor in a beautiful and inexpensive way investing in decoration items. Cushions, curtains, rugs, pictures, bedspreads, duvets can all be changed or personalized and, because they are cheap, they are an idea that does not weigh on your pocket.

Remember the details – A vase with flowers, small pictures, decoration objects on the tablepicture frames, photos, lamps, baskets, stools, can be easily changed or exchanged or even if you didn’t have them, bet on these decoration items to bring a new look to your home.

The pallet can be used in different ways in the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Wallpapers – A practical and economical alternative to changing the appearance is to invest in wallpapers. There are several colors and prints, one more beautiful than the other, just choose the one that matches your taste and style. Another tip is the stickers that can be applied anywhere bringing a lot of creativity from the heart.

Don’t forget the bathroom – Trash, soap dish, vibrant and cheerful towels. Small details can transform the room, making it more modern and graceful.

Placing or changing the paintings can be a great way to renew the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorate with plants – decorate with plants it is an option that many people overlook. Opt for those that resist partial shade, such as caladium, fan palm, peace lily, may flower, raffia palm, happiness tree, stag horn, calatea, boa constrictor and philodendron . In the kitchen, pots of herbs and spices decorate and awaken the appetite.

Tips for renovating the decor photos

As you’ve seen, there are many ideas when it comes to changing the look of your home. Check out several photos with tips for renovating the decor without spending too much🇧🇷

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