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Renées Brygga 2023 – all guests

On January 11, it’s time for a new season of the popular program Renées Brygga. Renée Nyberg invites famous and interesting Swedes whom she is curious to get to know more to an island in the Stockholm archipelago. There will be confidential conversations about life but also lots of laughter and pranks. Below we list all guests for 2023.

Photo: TV4

Soon it will be time for the ninth season of the popular program Renées Brygga.

“This year we have several constellations with guests from different generations and I especially like when they meet on the pier. It will be both interesting and fun conversations and I look forward to welcoming the viewers to the heat,” says program host Renée Nyberg in a press release.

Guests Renées Brygga 2023

Episode 1: David Lagercrantz, Edvin Ryding and Sanna Nielsen.

Photo: TV4

Episode 2: Ewa Fröling, Tareq Taylor and Edvin Törnblom.

Photo: TV4

Episode 3: Anders Bagge, Tomas Brolin and Tone Sekelius.
Episode 4: Charlotte Kalla, Carina Bergfeldt and Patrik Ekwall.
Episode 5: Jens Lapidus, Filip Dikmen and Kikki Danielsson.
Episode 6: Sofia Wistam, Claes Malmberg and Ola Forssmed.
Episode 7: Krister Henriksson, Ulla Skoog and Hampus Nessvold.
Episode 8: Claes Eriksson, Elin Kjos and Pär Lernström.

When does Renée’s Brygga 2023 premiere?

Renée’s Brygga premieres on January 11 on TV4.

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