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remote work is here to stay • ENTER.CO

Full-time remote work is becoming one of the biggest benefits an employer can offer today.

If we in the world of technology are surprised that Elon Musk has issued an ultimatum to Tesla employees to return to the offices, there are reasons. Contrary to what the tycoon indicates in the email that he sent to his executives, there are not a few companies that maintain this format and, more importantly, there are many more that have achieved successful and popular products.

The full-time, permanent remote work format is taking over the tech industry. It has been an interesting transformation. It has gone from being a temporary trend introduced reluctantly and out of necessity in 2020, two years later it has become the new normal.

But there are companies that anticipated the trend before it became widespread. In fact, finding examples of companies that have created an entire culture around remote work is easy. For example, there is EPAM Anywhere. It is a program that was launched at the end of 2019 and, since then, has grown to unite more than 3,000 technology professionals in more than 15 countries, including Mexico and Colombia. Platform jobs are remote by design and offer full-time commitments and a benefits package.

There is also a growing demand for remote work. For recruiters it is an attractive hook, because today it is highly coveted among technology professionals, since it offers more freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to live professional and personal life as they organize it.

In many cases it also opens up a whole world of global projects for those who don’t want to be tied to their local market. Carlos Cardona, Senior Business Analyst at EPAM Anywhere, believes that the exposure to international clients and the opportunity to work with teams distributed around the world is a spectacular plus that raises his professional profile.

Remote work obviously appeals to those who can’t sit still. “I have always liked to travel, so the fact that the work is 100% remote was an important factor for me,” says Juliana Díaz, a data analyst who joined EPAM Anywhere almost a year ago. For Carlos Cardona, the goal is to see all the wonders of the world: “The next stop will be Machu Picchu in Peru!”

For many of today’s professionals, working remotely is more than just saving time commuting. For Santiago Castellanos, Systems Engineering Team Leader at EPAM Anywhere, having access to world-class learning resources and professional growth opportunities is important. “Here, the perspective of my role is much broader and much better structured. There are all the tools to develop myself thoroughly, and I have the opportunity to grow in all professional senses”, he says.

As more tech professionals try full-time remote work, there will be no going back to the old office days. The trend is here to stay and will surely give rise to the new generation of technology professionals who will prioritize flexibility, access to global projects and unlimited professional development above all else.

Images: EPAM Anywhere

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