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Remember the Levi’s 501? Unmissable looks with this classic

Levi’s 501 jeans are over 145 years old, but are again a trend among anonymous people and celebrities. Remember him?

When blue jeans appeared nearly 150 years ago by Levi Strauss, a Californian merchant, and Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, no one could have guessed how successful they would be. It was the birth of Levi’s 501 that for many years were assumed as the clothing of mining workers in the American West. And that today, so many years later, we continue to use it non-stop.

The story of the Levi’s 501

Patented on May 20, 1873, what was different about this model of trousers from the others was a detail that made all the difference: the metal parts in the pockets and main seams. They were responsible for making the pants much more resistant (also known as rivets).

At the time, more than a trend, the Levi’s 501 was an innovation for being perfect for working men and cowboys, who needed a piece that was, at the same time, comfortable and resistant. Consequently, the success of the Levi’s 501 has more to do with its practicality and resistance than any other factor.

Since then, the Levi’s 501 has undergone some changes: they gained another back pocket in 1901, buttons at the waist and the seam pattern in the middle of the pocket as a brand image. And of course, along the way, they conquered fans all over the world.

Elvis Presley, Sienna Miller, Marlon Brando, Rihanna and Steve Jobs are just some of the celebrities who chose the 501 as one of their favorite pants models. As well as thousands of anonymous all over the world.

Although they were used a lot between the 60’s and 90’s, with the advent of skinny jeans the Levi’s 501, with a wider and straight cut, began to be used only by true fans. But, now, the model proves its timelessness having come back in force. Yes, Levi’s 501 are in fashion.

In fact, there are many men and women who, in a return to the past and perhaps adolescence, once again assume the 501 as their favorite model.

Practical and comfortable, these are those jeans that go with everything, from a family outing to a work look.

And that, therefore, embody memories that survive fashions and pass from generation to generation. The 501 is forever.

Woman in blue jeans to work

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For her

Nowadays the Levi’s 501 already exist in a cropped version and in several washes (including rips). And a good way to get a nice and comfortable look is to combine them with a plain t-shirt, a blazer and some mules.

Perfect for these spring days.


With crop top and high heels

For a dinner with your better half, nothing better than pairing your 501 with a short top and high heels.

The result is a look full of style and personality and, at the same time, with a symbiosis between masculine and feminine.

Full denim looks are very trendy this season. If you like, combine your Levi’s 501 with a denim jacket and a t-shirt.

On the feet, you can either choose sneakers, for a more relaxed look, or high heels, if you want to elongate your silhouette.



With t-shirt and leather jacket

This is a practical, comfortable and very easy to wear look. Simply pair your Levi’s 501 with a t-shirt and leather jacket.

You can use it both for work and for having a coffee with friends on the terrace.

Elvis Presley was an outspoken fan of the Levi’s 501, so he was often seen wearing them and a denim shirt.

So, if you’re a fan of full denim outfits, take a chance and wear them too. On the feet, opt for white sneakers or camel boots, to add a touch of color to the final result.

If you are working from home, why not opt ​​for jeans, combine them with a t-shirt (substitute a shirt if you prefer to be more elegant) and, on top, a blazer?

Visually this is a very appealing outfit, while being practical and comfortable. Routine-proof, therefore.

Where to buy?

You can buy your Levi’s 501 on the Levi’s website.

levis 501 jeans

Levi’s 501

The Levi’s 501 lasts for years absolutely flawless, so if you’re thinking about buying one, it’s really worth it.

On the Levi’s website, you can choose the wash you like the most, since there are from the lightest to the darkest.


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