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Release of the 14th INSS payment: who will be entitled?

Firstly, it is necessary that the text on the 14th payment of the minimum wage be approved by the federal government and from the moment this occurs, retirees, pensioners, beneficiaries who receive sick pay, confinement aid and day care assistance will be entitled to receive the 14th minimum wage.

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Will the 14th INSS payment be released?

Above all, the doubt that was present again among several INSS beneficiaries is due to the approval of the 14th minimum wage, since there are posts on social networks that vehemently state that this benefit was approved. However, there was no confirmation from the government.

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This text needs to be sent to the Chamber of Deputies, pass through the hands of the Federal Senate and from the moment it is actually approved, it will be sanctioned by the President of the Republic.

Therefore, there is a long way to go for retirees and pensioners to be able to receive the 14th minimum wage. That is, it is recommended to avoid any type of fake news on this subject and not to rush with more information.

Who will be entitled to the 14th INSS payment if it is approved?

Firstly, this is a question that is increasing every day, however, only retirees and pensioners of the INSS will receive the 14th salary, as well as beneficiaries of sickness allowance, prison allowance and daycare allowance will be entitled to receive the amounts.

However, it is necessary to mention other beneficiaries who will not be entitled to receive the 14th salary, which in this case would be: beneficiaries who receive the continuous benefit (BPC), lifetime pension, supplementary aid due to accidents at work, for Finally, social security support due to disability in rural work.

From the moment they approved the 13th salary, there was a cost of R$ 50 billion, that is, releasing the 14th salary would have an equal or similar impact on the Union coffers, therefore, it could become a problem for be released in 2021. It will be important to avoid fake news on the internet on this subject, in order to avoid confusion about the 14th minimum wage, which is still under approval.

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