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relaxing walk through the paths of Monção

The Fojo Waterfall walkway is one of the great attractions of Monção. A journey in communion with nature.

About 350 meters long, these walkways start at Lugar do Forno and end at Cascata do Fojo, a shady, relaxed and fascinating place, where the water falls between two rocky walls, creating small pleasant ponds.

The “picture” of the parish of Lara, where the footbridges meander, “is painted” with beautiful plantations of Alvarinho wine and excellent natural conditions to spend pleasant moments with family or friends.

There is still no lack of contemplative areas, such as Alto da Cotorinha, a former community threshing floor, which projects a breathtaking view over the parish of Vale do Gadanha.

Composed of ramps, platforms and stairs, mostly in treated pine wood, the walkways were implemented with the concern of causing the least possible visual impact and preserving the natural and built elements visible along the route.

Fojo waterfall: preserving nature

Cascata do Fojo is a space conducive to rest and relaxation, providing refreshing sensations in a shaded area. In this place, the water cascades between two rocky walls, creating small pleasant lakes.

A fascinating and inviting place, where it is possible to appreciate some secular mills that, in other times, symbolized one of the experiences of the local community: the grinding of wheat. The new accessibility provided by the walkways will certainly turn that idyllic space into a must-visit.

The route along the Cascata do Fojo is breathtaking

Viewpoint with telescope in Castibô

Served with a telescope installed on a wooden platform, the Miradouro de Castibô provides a magnificent and inspiring view over the green landscape and the housing nuclei. Thanks to the equipment’s 360-degree rotation, the gaze can point in any direction, generating unique sensations of inner well-being.

Located in the heart of Serra de Anta, Anhões has the highest point in the municipality, known as Castelo de Mendouro, where you can find Celtic tombs, and it is here that the River Gadanha, much sought after by sport fishing enthusiasts, originates.

The two streams of water, generated in different springs, come together in a long embrace at Sítio da Fisga, Lugar de Vilar, swelling the flow of the river that serenely crosses several parishes in Vale do Gadanha, until it meets with the River Minho, in Troporiz.

In a stunning setting with vast and beautiful natural landscapes, genuine typical Minho houses and magnificent canastros, the locality has a strong religious aspect, with the Sanctuary of Senhor do Bonfim being much sought after by devotees.

Monção: Alvarinho route

The unique landscapes of the Monção/Melgaço sub-region, combined with Minho gastronomy and the region’s wines, make the Rota do Alvarinho another excellent reason to undertake this tour.

Like this, Leaving Monção after visiting places such as the Brejoeira Palace or the village’s Castle, following the N202 road, in just over half an hour, through vineyard terraces, you will arrive in Melgaço, a city where you cannot miss a visit to the Solar do Alvarinho, and taste several alvarinhos from the region.

Nonetheless, along the way, don’t miss a visit to the Melgaço farms and the Quinta do Soalheiro, essential for those who want to know more about Alvarinho.

Gastronomy: in the realms of “fuck”

Yes, he is given to many puns, but the issue here is purely gastronomic and celebrates a unique dish in Alto Minho. A Monção style fuck it has been expanding borders, attracting a crowd of foodies every year, who do not hesitate to travel many kilometers to taste the delicacy.

There is even a Confraria da Foda. There is even an annual fair that celebrates this typical dish and all the restaurants have Foda on the menu! (this is even given to puns…)

And after all, what is the Fuck? Nothing more than a dish of lamb, made in wood-fired ovens, accompanied by rice, also in the oven, with an incomparable flavor. For this reason, it has long since become an absolute reference in the cuisine of Monção, which adopted the dish’s popular name. Foda à Moda de Monção has a guaranteed presence on all the menus of the county’s restaurants.

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