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relaxing getaway to taste (very) fresh fish

Placed on the world route with one of the beaches that are part of the world surfing championship, Ericeira it is still an unknown point for many Portuguese.

Located 35 kilometers north of Lisbon, the fishing village is a summer destination for several families in the area; however, the trip is justified even for those who are further away.

The reason for this is the wide range of beaches, accommodation and restaurants.

Ericeira, paradise for surfers and tourists

With the preponderance of surfing in the area, Ericeira, whose name derives from the Latin term meaning “land of hedgehogs”, the offer has been expanding, namely in the number of surf schools. Therefore, this is also a good destination for those who are fans of the sport or even, who knows, who knows, to take some initiation classes. For the coldest, the water is not very inviting.

One of the best known for such activity is the Ribeira d’Ilhas beach, which, being further away from the center, favors good access and parking, but has a limited beach and sea, given the number of surfers and beginners. The beach also has a good concession area, which has a terrace and good refreshments. A Foz do Lizandro beach it also receives many surfers every summer (and even at other times of the year).

more beaches

Once in the center, you can choose Fisherman’s Beach, also served with good options for lunch or a snack. It will be, by chance, one of the beaches where the sea is calmer, so the hustle and bustle of the surf is not felt so much.

On the other hand, the Beach of S. Sebastião it is less crowded, largely because of the difficult access and also the short sandy beach. However, if you have an adventurous spirit and don’t mind walking down narrow paths, you’ll see that you’ll be rewarded with the view.

Further north there is, of course, the North Beach, which is located between Pescadores beach and S. Sebastião beach. It is one of the largest beaches in terms of sand length. However, it is not possible to park right next to it. The best thing is to park in the S. Sebastião beach park, and then go down. Or, if you are staying in Ericeira, you can walk the route through the pedestrian accesses.

The fantastic beaches attract visitors all year round.

lively nightlife

In addition to the various beaches, restaurants, hotels and local accommodation, the village also has a very lively nightlife. But anyone who thinks this is an answer to the growing migratory flow is wrong: the oldest nightlife venue, Hedgehog discois also the oldest in Europe, as it opened 59 years ago.

As for bars, the places that attract the most public are the PedroO Fisherman and the Wine House, which has live music shows at the weekend. Everything is concentrated in more or less the same area and it is possible to walk from one side of the village to the other in half an hour.

Where to eat

With so much energy spent getting to the ideal beach for you, and all the physical activities that involve the beach, it’s natural that at dinner you’d want a good restaurant to replenish your strength. Now we present below options for all tastes, and the regional menu of Ericeira is based on good fresh fish, there are options for other preferences.

Let’s start with the traditional and historic sea ​​of ​​sand: a house with a local tradition of fresh fish. For a lunch or dinner without major formalities where the main subject is to eat and drink well, with prices according to the quality of the food, this restaurant is an excellent solution. Accompanying the fish, order a jug of white house wine.

In another register, if the idea is to snack, the ideal will be the tik tapas: Good to try a little of everything. To accompany the delicious piteus, it has an extensive wine list, where you will certainly find the ideal to accompany the meal. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. Space is small, so booking is advised.

Main dishes

Finally, what is considered one of the best restaurants in Ericeira: the funky. With such a title, you won’t be surprised if we tell you that it’s usually crowded. At the entrance, the peculiar decoration of the space stands out, which contribute to making it more unique. The menu options are varied and the restaurant can be a good choice for a family visit or a couple’s dinner.

Finally, for dessert, a visit to the Casa Gamma, a typical establishment that mirrors the regional characteristics that are still visible there, such as blue tiles and granite countertops. But what really matters is the sweets on the shelves, especially the regional and delicious Areias.

beach and cliffs

Open horizons and entertain children

In addition to the beaches, you can also enjoy the view that the coast provides. And there are two excellent places to feast your eyes on the water (and what surrounds it): above the Foz do Lizandro beachclose to the parking lot that serves the beach, and at the foot of the Coxos beach, which is outside Ericeira, five kilometers from the village. Here, you can enjoy another unobstructed view, but this time with a large rock on the horizon.

To make the kids a little tired after a day at the beach or to entertain them while having lunch, the Santa Marta Park presents itself as a good option. The restaurant and bar have good summer options on the menu and the park has fun games for the youngest, with swings and slides.

The ideal is not to take the car for the journey, as parking nearby is difficult.

How to get

from lisbon

By car, through Lisbon, it’s about 50 kilometers to Ericeira. On the motorway, the best route is to take the A8 and exit towards Mafra/Malveira; to then enter the A21 heading towards the fishing village.

from Porto

In the same transport but leaving Porto, the journey is, of course, longer, almost three hours. As for the motorway route, you can choose between the A1 or the A8 for most of the way, or go to Leiria on one and then change to another.

If you choose the A8you will first have to head towards Lisbon/Ponte da Arrábida/Gaia and then take the A25 and later change to the A17, until finally you can enter the A8, already in the district of Leiria.

For the TO 1is to always follow the direction of Lisbon until in Carregado you turn to the A10, until you change to the A9, to change to the A8 and then the A21.

Where to stay

Finally, we leave you three accommodation solutions, with different price ranges, but all very close to the sea.

  • Vila Gale Ericeira
  • Residencial Fortunato
  • Camarao Hotel

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