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Regular Registration Status: What is it?

The cadastral situation is done through the CPF (individual registration), and serves to analyze whether the citizen has any tax debt or irregularity. Check the types of cadastral situation and how to consult.

What this article covers:

How to know the CPF Registration Status?

Access the website of federal income, type the CPF, date of birth and click on consult. Next, the person’s data and registration status will appear.

The generated receipt can be printed. According to the Federal Revenue Service, it is not possible to find more personal information in this voucher, such as, for example, information about the holder’s current financial life or anything related.

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The idea of ​​the query is to exclusively show the cadastral situation.

Bearing in mind that this proof does not replace proof of enrollment in the CPF, which can be presented if a company cannot locate your CPF, even if it is in good standing.

It is also possible to consult through the digital CPF application, it is available for IOS and Android. In this app, you need to log in, fill in your date of birth, CPF and accept the terms of conditions.

The application will ask for a photo of you with your cell phone camera, then you will create a 4-digit PIN and you will have access to your registration status.

What are the types of registration status?

There are some types of registration situation, see below what each one means to know how your CPF situation is! Check out:


When it appears that the CPF is regular, it means that there is no outstanding issue that could threaten the person with a possible CPF block.

Pending regularization: the person may have stopped paying some income tax in recent years.


When the CPF is annulled, it means that something is wrong and possible fraud must be prevented! Be careful and check on the Revenue website how to remove the “Null CPF” situation.


When the CPF is suspended, it means that he is missing information about the Federal Revenue and the owner must, urgently, rush to confirm all the data due.


It is possible that the owner of the CPF has more than one and this results in the cancellation of the CPF by legal or administrative order.

deceased holder

As the name makes it quite explicit, it means that the holder is no longer alive.

See how easy it is to understand? In this simplified way, you can identify your situation without breaking your head.

What does it mean when the CPF Registration Status is Regular?

It means that your information is correct and there are no outstanding tax debts in your name.

Having a regular CPF allows you to open a bank account, enroll in higher education, receive emergency aid, have credit, issue a passport, participate in ENEM, participate in public tenders, receive retirement benefits and other advantages.

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