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Regional passes will be able to be loaded across the country

The Government announced the creation of a system that will allow the charging of regional transport passes throughout the country.

A revolution in metropolitan mobility is expected. The Minister for the Environment announced the signing of a protocol that will allow the loading of regional passes all over the country.

Top-ups will be able to be carried out through a single national system, to which a single mobility card may be associated. The idea is that, somewhat like the Andante, in the Porto Metropolitan Area, or the Navegante, in Lisbon, this new ticket can be loaded in any city in the country.

If for now it will only be available for the use of public transport, it is the Government’s intention to extend the project to other types of transport, such as taxis or TVDE.

Regional Passes: travel across the country

called from umbilhete.pt, the system also brings the novelty of a single mobility card, intended for workers. This card can be loaded by the employer, like a meal card and used in public transport solutions.

The protocol between the Metropolitan Areas (AM) of Lisbon and Porto and the Mobility and Transport Institute (IMT) is signed today, and the project should be a reality within five to six months.

The objective is to have a single transport ticket that can be used throughout the country and in all types of transport, paving the way for intercity, interregional tariffs or even a price for the entire territory.

According to the Secretary of State for Mobility, Jorge Delgado, “this compatibility will open up the possibility of much more easily creating tariffs and tickets that are intercity and interregional and, at the limit, even a ticket for the entire territory”.

Minister Duarte Cordeiro, head of the Environment portfolio, announced the protocol during an intervention at the parliamentary economy committee, and the document is signed today and promises to be a revolution in the way public transport is viewed in Portugal.

technology sharing

According to Jorge Delgado, the parties involved in this protocol will share technologies, standardize criteria and make the products produced available, with the official recalling that “many of them” were financed through public money, stressing that “there is no good reason for them not to be used elsewhere”.

The next step will be to establish the opening of partnerships that focus on the objective of promoting the adhesion of any metropolitan area that can and wants to take advantage of the developed products, thus eliminating costs with the development of products “from scratch”.

“We managed to save resources, standardize the product and move towards the same title being able to be the support that allows you to load trips in any area of ​​the country”, concluded Jorge Delgado.

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