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Regina Blandón looks more daring than ever with her new look, pink hair!

What a surprise Internet users got after the Mexican actress Regina Blandon He shared an image with which he showed the transformation he underwent for a very special occasion. Here we tell you all the details!

It was through her social networks that the protagonist of stories like “Guerra de Likes” and “Mirreyes vs Godínez” wore a completely different look from what the public was used to.

And it is that Blandón said “goodbye” to her characteristic chestnut hair to welcome an ash pink color cut at eye level and with fringe. Of course, the famous advanced that it is not a permanent change, but a fun time and experiment with wigs and makeup.

According to the 33-year-old actress, the desire to experiment with her appearance was given in honor of the new project she has on the door, which represented a process of change in her personal life. It’s about the movie ‘Make me up again’, where she shares credits with the actresses Paulina Gaitán and Ilse Islas.

“For interviews of #makeupcallmeagain that opens this February 9 in theaters. What better excuse to go around making up hair and makeup and everything? ”, Blandón wrote to accompany the first image he shared about it.

The furor that it caused was so much that the famous woman ended up uploading a second image that brought with it a wave of comments from various celebrities, including Aislinn Derbez, Marimar Vega, María León, as well as Joy, from the duet ‘Jesse and Joy’.

We cannot forget that this is not the first time that Regina Blandón has shown that she is not afraid of wearing unexpected hair colors. In fact, for the tape ‘Make me up again, she wore an electric red tone with which she left more than one with their mouths open.

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