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Regardless of the cold, Ninel Conde takes a photo in a bikini in the snow

Ninel Conde does not stop causing sighs and commotion for her fans, since regardless of the fact that she is 46 years old, the Mexican actress pleased her followers with a peculiar photo of her vacation in Wyoming, in the northwest of the country, in a bikini on a really icy, surrounded by snow.

Conde is at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort where he has skied, rested, exercised, but also he has taken the time to portray himself in a sensual wayshowing off her slender and outlined figure via her Instagram profile.

The “Killer Bombón” posed a tiny black bikini, accompanied by an open brown coat, where you can see that her exercise routines have been effective, since she showed off her marked abdomen, as well as her defined curves. Ninel posed in the snow, regardless of the cold in this area.

In addition to the coat, Conde faced the icy temperature wearing boots, gloves and a black hat that he combined with the bikini. In the actress’s Instagram stories, it was learned that the photo session in which she posed, the temperature was around -3 ° Celsius.

Apparently the weather conditions were not an impediment, nor is it seen that the former participant of the soap opera Rebelde had an uncomfortable moment, on the contrary, at all times she is seen posing naturally and without a gesture that made one think that he had a bad time due to the low temperatures.

His effort to pose in front of this icy scenario paid off, since a few minutes after he published the image, the reactions did not wait, they generated countless comments and compliments. So far, the content has more than 70,000 likes, something that shows that it was worth his effort.

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