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Refurbished mobile phones emit 78% less carbon dioxide

Swappy’s sustainability report reveals the climate footprint of refurbished smartphones. The company, which is a leader in the purchase and sale of refurbished mobile phones, shows in its latest sustainability report that the carbon dioxide footprint from these mobile phones amounts to 16.5 kilos – which is 78% less compared to new phones.

In recent years, Swappie has seen strong growth and increased demand for refurbished mobile phones, and has now reached over one million iPhones sold across Europe. This has contributed to the company’s rapid growth and now the figures from the sustainability report also show that it is possible to run a profitable company while contributing to positive effects in the circular economy.

First report of its kind – calls on other companies to join

The report recently published is the first of its kind and transparent with Swappy’s positive targets as well as negative emissions. In 2021, the carbon footprint, which measures a product’s positive climate impact, for an average Swappie phone showed 61.5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. It corresponds to the same amount of carbon dioxide that is captured by a tree plant over 10 years. Calculated in total carbon dioxide emissions saved for the company, the breathtaking figure of 23,550 tonnes was reached, placing Swappie in the top 10% of all net positive companies.*

– It is a common misconception that a for-profit company cannot contribute to sustainable development, but at Swappie we believe that sustainability is a basic prerequisite for a scalable and good business model. It is our hope that we will see more circular economies in various industries and we encourage other companies to join us in our commitment, says Sami MarttinenCEO and co-founder of Swappie.

The results of the report in brief

  • An average Swappie iPhone generates 16.5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, which is 78% less compared to a new
  • In 2021, Swappie helped its customers save 23,550 tons of carbon dioxide
  • Since its inception, Swappie has helped save more than 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide
  • In 2021, 200 kg of e-waste was recycled
  • In 2022, Swappie achieved both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

Founded with a vision to reduce the amount of e-waste

Swappie was founded in 2016 with the goal of contributing to a sustainable and circular consumption model for smartphones, and thus also reducing the amount of e-waste in the world. By establishing a digital platform to track one’s own environmental impact, one wants to reach new, ambitious climate goals within the organization.

Among other things, it commits to reducing emissions from its own energy consumption and to using 100% renewable electricity by 2024 at the latest. By the same year, it must also have achieved 100% reuse of functional smartphone parts, and be able to recycle all other e-waste. Another goal is to help customers save 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide by the end of 2024 through continued purchases and sales of smartphones via Swappie.

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