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reduced to BRL 500 per month payments without credit card fees

The online payment application, PicPay, has decided that it will reduce payments by credit card with zero fee to R$500 reais. In this way, PicPay without fees on the card will now have a reduction of R$100 reais in the limit value as of last Monday (6).

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How do PicPay fee charges work?

With the change in the rules, PicPay now charges 3.59%, previously only 1.99% was charged for payments via credit card. In a note, she announced that with the monthly deductible, there will be no fees in the amount of up to R $ 500 per month. This price already started last Monday.

When exceeding R$500, the 3.49% rate will be applied to the customer together with the amount he is paying. For PRO plan users, no-fee payment will apply. The total limit amount has withdrawn R$100 for credit card users.

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PicPay was created and developed in Brazil, its initial proposal was to create a tool where there was no bureaucracy to carry out transfers of amounts of money between its customers and users. O PicPay was also created thinking about payments for online stores and virtual services.

This application, which started its work as a startup, is a kind of electronic wallet capable of sending amounts to contacts, in addition to making payments to some establishments in cash or installment purchases.

What was the PicPay reduction to R$500 per month for payments without fees?

Since the beginning of fintech, in 2012, it has made payments without fees, but only up to the limit of R$800 per month. With the changes, now the value has been reduced to R$500 in personal account purchases, with no fees.

In its PRO version, merchants used to apply 1.99% fees, now 3.45% is already included in the total purchase price.

PRO accounts are aimed at professionals who work in the independent format in various segments. For these users, payments are unlimited. Fintech disclosed that there are more than 50 million users throughout Brazil.

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