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Recycle glass jars in decoration

The theme of sustainability has been widely disseminated by several companies, NGOs and television programs that, above all, seek, in some way, to make man aware of the point at which humanity has reached. Faced with the vast amount of waste produced annually by modern society, the four pillars of sustainability, rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling, are fundamental for any significant change in this complex reality in which we live.

Therefore, for those of you who want to become a more conscious and creative person, it is worth checking out this article about recycle glass jars in decoration and thus have a modern and sustainable home. Know more:

Learn some techniques to give your glass jars a new face (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Glass vases and pot holders

The easiest option for recycle glass jars is to bet on the creation of vases and door stuff in general. It is also possible to give the item a different use, that is, if previously it was used to store food, now it can store decorative resources, such as small aromatic pellets of wood or gel and thus be placed on the living room shelf.

Use your creativity to enhance the glass jar (Photo: Disclosure)

Another option is to use your creativity to paint or coat a recycled glass jar with cloth or wool and thus make a beautiful vase for your plants or mini garden. Pebbles and colored sand are also very welcome in the making process, so it’s worth using and abusing patchwork, thread and paint to modernize your home decor.

See how to make a decoration with vases and check out some pictures.

Exotic and sophisticated lamps

For those who love a zen atmosphere, make lamps with recycled glass jars it is a very favorable and yet elegant option. Just buy beads or even small steel balls that are used to make details for jewelry and clothes and thus create a decorative structure for the pot, forming an Indian style of decoration.

Use beads to give your glass jars an Indian look (Photo: Disclosure)

Another option lies in inserting fabrics, but be careful not to exceed the limits of the cloth into the pot itself and cause a disaster when lighting a candle during the lighting of the environment.

Also decorate by lining the pot with the fabrics of your choice.

Finally, we know that ideas for decorating a glass jar there is no shortage of them, so now you can use this material that takes 1 million years to decompose. Use your artistic gifts and become a more ecologically responsible person now!

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