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Recipes against the evil eye: know 3 tricks to detect it

One of the most common curses is the evil eye, which popular wisdom defines as negative energy linked to feelings such as envy, jealousy and hateand is easily transmitted through the look, hence its name.

It is so easy to be a victim of this spell that we could ignore that we suffer from it, how to detect it? There are simple home methods to find out.

Although there are symptoms that can help us detect the aojamiento, as this curse is also known, they are very generic. For example, headache or general malaise, going into a bad streak, losing valuable things, problems at home, things in the house or car break or break down, etc.

To know clearly if we really have an evil eye, we reveal 3 simple tricks to detect it.

Recipe with water and oil

You will need to cut a small section of your hair, then fill a crystal glass with water and carefully insert it. Now add a small stream of olive oil and let it rest for 30 minutes.

When that time passes and you notice that the oil is completely at the bottom of the glass, it means that you have the evil eye, as WeMystic explained in an article.

Salt and fire recipe

In a clay or heat resistant vessel, add a small splash of 96 alcohol and very carefully light it with a wooden match. While it burns, take a handful of grain salt, rub it between your hands and throw it into the fire. If it makes a moderately loud noise, as if it were thundering, it means that you have the evil eye.

Salt and vinegar recipe

In a metal plate pour a splash of white vinegar and add 3 fists of grain salt. Place the container under the bed on the side where you sleep and leave it for 3 days in a row. After that time, see if the salt has moved or climbed to the surface, if so, it indicates the evil eye.

What to do if I have an evil eye?

One of the most effective and fastest ways to remove the evil eye is with an egg. Pass it all over your body from head to toe, being careful not to break it. The tilefish will be in charge of absorbing all the negative energy. Break it into a glass with water and salt, let it sit, and flush it down the toilet.

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