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Recharge the battery in 6 minutes with new technology

The electric car has had a big problem and that is that the batteries take far too long to recharge. Compared to a car powered by fossil fuels, it takes forever.

Even with many fast chargers, you can’t expect to get off and drive when the battery runs out particularly quickly. Above all, the lack of charging stations has been a major drawback, which has slowly but surely begun to be remedied. Now, however, a technology has arrived that seems to be able to charge almost a full battery in 6 minutes. Which means that the biggest threshold for the electric car to be used everywhere disappears as the range suddenly improves. Above all, it means that you can quickly recharge the battery to continue driving. Something that used to be a difficult thing with an electric car as charging simply took too long for it to be feasible.

The battery is charged to 90% in 6 minutes

A nearly full charge using that technology enables a completely different future for electric cars. We then do not need to build larger batteries that affect the environment. Instead, a normal range and an opportunity to charge the battery faster is enough. Studies have shown that this is a technique that also does not affect the energy density that many other similar methods have led to.

By introducing a transition phase in the process between charging and discharging, the previous problems are solved. In addition, it means that you can now create batteries that last longer and can be charged ultra-fast. Because it is, after all, the biggest obstacle to the full use of electric cars. The range has been decisive and influenced many to choose another option such as a plug-in hybrid. Now this technology could mean that in the future there will only be electric cars. The only thing that is required to solve the last problems is really that there are charging stations and that the batteries are manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way. Charging stations are expanded daily and more environmentally friendly batteries are constantly being worked on.

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