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Rebecca Jones reveals that she was intubated in intensive care and part of her lung was removed

The actress Rebecca Jones reappeared to speak for the first time about the serious health complications that he went through a few weeks ago that left his life in dangerfor which she was even forced to leave the soap opera ‘Cabo’.

On November 2, it was announced that Rebecca Jones was hospitalized and was reported as delicate, even through social networks blood donors were urgently requested, generating a wave of speculation because there was very little information about it. .

But now that she is in full recovery and at home, the leading actress gave an interview with the “Ventaneando” program, where she revealed for the first time that his life was in danger due to a bacterium that lodged in one of his lungs.

“What happened to me was very strong. I was admitted with pneumonia with three very aggressive bugs that got into my body, into my lungs. Splendid doctors saved me, They had me in intensive care, they intubated meI don’t know if I would have heard the word intubation, I don’t know if I would have accepted, but since I was more there than here, I did sign to be intubated and thanks to the intubation they saved me,” he said.

Likewise, he recalled that his health began to deteriorate due to the constant trips he made for three months with the recordings of the soap opera ‘Cabo’ in which he participated; However, he suspects that during a visit to the hospital where he went for routine check-ups, he may have acquired a bacterium that he noticed when he “walked five steps” and felt a fatigue that he describes as “brutal”, for which he had to he was rushed to the hospital.

“I arrived by ambulance on November 1 in the morning, they admitted me and I didn’t hear anything until seven days later. I was in intensive care for five or seven days, something like that. Then intermediate and all the time I had my soap opera in mind.

Rebecca Jones

After being discharged, the film, theater and television star confesses that she always had the intention of returning to work, but unfortunately everything was complicated because on November 17 she returned to the hospital because the bacteria had already invaded the lung again.

“Complications arose because they (the bacteria) got into the lung and were basically eating a part of the lung and they had to perform an intervention to remove that part of the lung so that they did not go elsewhere, it is very complicated,” he added.

Currently, the 65-year-old producer must also follow the instructions of her doctors to the letter, who asked her to try to stay active at home, although she confesses that spending a month and a half in a hospital bed was complicated because “you even forget how to walk, how to stand”.

Jones clarified that at no time did he abandon the novel, since he was always fully willing to return to the recordings and the production was waiting for him, until he finally recognized that for now the most important thing was to recover his health, which is why they decided that she was replaced by the actress Azela Robinson.

And although for now she just wants to get ahead and enjoy the company of her son who, she assures, has not left her alone for a single moment, she revealed that among her plans is to return to work in theater with the play ‘Rosa de dos aromas’ together with Sylvia Pasquel, in addition to another telenovela with José Alberto Castro, but it will be until “I have the green light from the doctors.”

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