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Rebecca de Alba claims to be like the Grinch: she is not excited about Christmas

Regardless of the fact that Christmas is a very special moment for a large number of people around the world, for the famous Mexican television presenter Rebecca de Alba this holiday is not so important, she even confessed that she never believed in Santa Clós when she was a child.

De Alba opened up about the subject in an interview she gave to ‘El Universal’, the famous considered that she sees Christmas as a reunion with the family, from this perspective, Rebecca pointed out that this 2022 has had “many Christmases because I have a very close relationship with my family“.

Despite the fact that the 58-year-old presenter compares herself to the character of the ‘Grinch’, by not considering Christmas as a transcendental date in the year, she said that, for her, the coexistence that occurs with her family nucleus in this date is synonymous with good company and long talks.

For this reason, although she is not a fan of Christmas as a general celebration, Rebecca indicated that “of course there is a big gathering, there are many of us, At my grandmother’s house, we met cousins, uncles“.

The also ex-partner of the singer Ricky Martin, confessed to the Mexican media that this time of year, rather than living it as a traditional Christmas, her family gathers several times for lunch or dinner. “But Christmas is not something that excites me at all.”

Even, unlike several personalities from the world of entertainment and communication, Rebecca de Alba has been consistent with what she thinks and feelssince in their social network profiles there is no publication that is related to Christmas.

The famous Mexican hostess considered that the month of December is synonymous with “chaos, spend it foolishly.” De Alba added that she only once decorated her house with a Christmas tree, mainly “because my mother asked me to.” under this perspective He did not hesitate to define himself as a “totally Grinch” person.

Despite her feelings and thoughts about Christmas, Rebecca de Alba has been one of the most acclaimed hosts by the Mexican public for her participation in magazine programs since the early 1990s, where she has projected dynamism and joy.

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