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Real Madrid gives a great game and they don’t even beat Real Sociedad; Barcelona escapes them in the race for the title

Football can be beautiful without a goal. they proved it Real Madrid Y Real society in a power match at the Santiago Bernabéu. A zero draw due to Vinícius’s mistake in two heads up against Remirothe firm hand of Courtois and the resistance of a Real Sociedad that overcame weight losses and clung tightly to Kubo’s football to move Carlo Ancelotti’s men five points away from the lead held by the FC Barcelona.

Defying any physical law, far from the fatigue that could be expected in two teams loaded with matches in January, with cup-bearer qualifiers of great wear and tear, Real Madrid and Real Sociedad gave the spectators a thrilling duel. From power to power despite the casualties.

La Real arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu in a historic streak of league victories that came to an end. Decreased by important absences at the time of looking face to face at the two greats. He earned the right by accompanying his good football with results. With enough personality to discuss possession of Real Madrid in his stadium, but the lack of success to raise doubts.

Each txuri urdin triumph came with the finesse in the shot that Sorloth lacked in the Madrid coliseum. With everything to score after six minutes. As desired by pure nines like him, in a lateral cross from Ahien that failed to hit when he had gotten rid of the marking and had Courtois defeated.

The cup comebacks and the firmness displayed at San Mamés lifted Real Madrid’s self-esteem off the canvas. Still present in the first half of the derby, at the mercy of Atlético, he could not afford to give away another part. Therefore, no merit from Real would affect the idea of ​​an exuberant team with the entry of Ceballos, a lung for the midfield, and Rodrygo to increase the offensive presence of the trident.

An energetic Real Madrid responded from every start by Vinícius. It took him ten minutes to show up, but when he did, no one was able to stop him. Caño in the race to Zubeldia and right hand brushing the post; change of band to leave at speed and look for the pass of death; punishing Elustondo’s back. Every unbalanced action by the Brazilian was finished off with a shot from Kroos or a centered shot from Benzema to which Remiro responded.

Always standing, after his goalless endurance exercise at the Camp Nou, the Royal Society longed for the absent Silva and the present Oyarzabal. With minutes, the confidence lost due to a serious injury to a footballer who, despite his will, is far from his true identity, must return. So it had to be Kubo who left the quality details when Illarramendi left the second and last notice. He hooked a clearance from Kroos with a cross shot close to the post.

From there Real Madrid exhibited one of its best versions. Between cuts and passes with the discretion of Ceballos, started with class and power from Camavinga as an urgent left-back. Based on momentum and quality. With a hallmark, that of good football, quick combinations, deserving the goal in the final stretch of the first act, when Vini forgave what he shouldn’t just before Remiro after Brais’s serious error in the exit phase.

And in an electric start of the second. He was throwing back the Real based on finesse in the pass. The one that was missing in the definition against Remiro, the only one that put a stop to Ancelotti’s team. He took a cross shot from Vinícius with his feet, who once again had the opportunity to decide the game in another face-to-face with the goalkeeper, who seemed beaten, but guessed the Brazilian’s intention. The chopped ball took him up and prevented the Madrid victory after 71 minutes.

The merit of Real Sociedad lay in withstanding the gale and even caressing a bigger trophy when Kubo unbalanced. She didn’t stop doing it. A reference in the game with his 21 years, challenging rivals to generate occasions to give away or finish himself. At the hour he caused that classic save by Courtois. Firm hand down to the shot from the Japanese who demonstrated the reasons why Real Madrid signed him as a child.

This is how the beautiful exchange of blows with the freshness at the entrance of Marco Asensio and Modric was said goodbye for the last clear Real Madrid match, against a Real Sociedad full of young talents who proudly made up for the plague of casualties. They settle in third place feeding the dream of ‘Champions’ and leave Real Madrid, which their best version failed to win, five points behind Barcelona, ​​which has 47 units.

*With information from EFE

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