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Ready Receipt Template | Print – Download

Ready Receipt Model: Rent, Service Provision, Print among others, are very simple to be found on the internet by anyone. These receipt templates help those who are in dire need of finding a template to follow.

There are many of these receipt templates and for various purposes and you need to choose the one that best suits your reality. Therefore, pay close attention to the resume templates that we found on the web and that can be very useful for you.

Through ready-made receipt templates you will know how to choose the best option. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Ready-made Receipt Templates

The receipt templates to be filled out are also available in stationery stores and for a very good price.

Excel Receipt Template

A receipt template in Excel can help you a lot to make proof of payment for your customers more practical.

At the.



BRL 100.00

We received from ………:
Address ………………:
The importance of …..: (One hundred reais)
Regarding ……………..:
For greater clarity, we sign this
City/State, May 22, 2006.
Issuer ……………….:
CPF/RG ………………..:
Address ………………:
Signature …………….:

The most used model in receipt Excel is the one above:

Receipt Template in Word

The receipt template in Word is simple to make, and you can make it yourself using some information. All receipts must be numbered and must have the payment amount.

Receipt template in word
You can make your receipt directly from Word. (Photo: Disclosure)

Put we received from (and the name of the person who paid you). The address is optional, but the person’s name is sacred. Put the full name preferably. It is recommended to put the person’s RG and CPF number on that receipt as well, so as not to have discrepancies in information.

– Downloadable Receipt Template

Some websites offer multiple receipt templates that you can download in various formats for ease of use.

Service Receipt Template
You can make a receipt as proof of payment.

Here are some places to download receipts:

Ready Receipt Printing: Step by Step

Here’s how to print your receipt step by step:

  • 1st step: Access one of the links above.
  • 2nd step: Download.
  • 3rd step: Fill in the curriculum fields.
  • Step 4: Print the resume.

Payment Receipt Template

Check out the payment receipt template below:

Payment Receipt Template
Payment receipt template (Photo: Disclosure)

Very simple and practical.

Receipt Template for Rent and Purchase of Real Estate

The receipt for renting and buying real estate contains some different information, so follow the examples:

ready receipt template
Receipt model ready for rent provision of printing service (Photo: Disclosure)

Receipt Template for Service Provision

The service provision model needs to have the information as shown in the image below:

Service Provider Receipt Template
Ready receipt templates for providing receipt (Photo: Disclosure)

More receipt templates can be found at the links below:

5 tips on how to make a receipt

If you don’t get any receipt that works for the purposes you need, you can count on our tips to prepare the best receipt, check out:

  1. tip: The receipt needs to be numbered so you don’t lose the bills.
  2. tip: Put the value of the service or purchase on the receipt.
  3. tip: Add the personal details of the person you are making the receipt for.
  4. tip: Write the description of the service provided or the product and add the date and place (for example: São Paulo, November 13, 2014).
  5. tip: Be sure to put your name and sign the receipt.

Having a receipt template ready is more than a facility or advantage for a company, it is absolutely necessary. Whether from a legal point of view, the law obliges every company to have and issue a receipt, something that is done by a ready-made receipt template, or in other words, from a practical point of view, for a company to have a ready-made receipt template is absolutely necessary for business to run smoothly.

Every consumer who ends up closing a deal with an institution, be it a sale or a provision of services, wants some kind of proof so that this transaction is somehow confirmed in addition to their testimony. There are numerous advantages to having the common sense to always request a receipt, from legal or tax benefits or simply to prove it in some way. That’s why it’s important for any company to have a receipt template ready!

What is a ready-made receipt template?

A company is an institution that markets a product or service in some business category, both for common people called Individuals under Brazilian law, and for other companies that are called Legal Entities. The business signed by a company aims at financial gain so that it is profitable to continue with the company running.

But when we talk about the financial sector, we end up touching on a very important subject, which is the legitimacy and importance of having well declared everything that was spent. With the advancement of the discipline of home economics and the democratization of education in this field, it is increasingly common for people in general to give importance to aspects that validate and certify what has been spent.

What is a ready receipt template
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And that’s exactly where the ready-made receipt template comes in. The receipt is an extremely important tool both for the company that trades and for the customer who is buying, it is he who is ultimately proving that transaction and serves as a record of what was traded. Something that is absolutely essential for both the company and the customer.

It is the ready-made receipt model that carries all the necessary information of a transaction for the good administration of the company. Once a company receives the ready-made receipt template, it has much more capacity and power to manage all of its businesses. The ready receipt is a document that contains the summary of a transaction, the name of the customer, what was produced or carried out by the company and the amount.

All this serves not only to legitimize what was done, but also for subsequent consultation and control, as we have already mentioned. The ready receipt model is actually a kind of master copy, a document used as a basis for all subsequent company receipts to be made, it is with this model that all the rest of the company’s receipts will be made.

The ready receipt model is an important part of the company, after all, it is with it that the company will produce all other receipts, and that is enough to denote its importance. Without the ready-made receipt template, a company will not have at hand the ability to produce new receipts, which are immensely important for any financial institution and also for its customers.

The ready receipt model can exist either in its digital version to be then printed on paper or as a physical model that is used as a basis for possible carbon copies, an old practice but still very useful in establishments that do not want to use so much a printer.

What is the ready receipt template used for?

The Ready Receipt Template serves precisely to provide a reliable and ready-to-use template to carry out the production of new receipts. Without this model, there is no receipt, and without receipts a company is losing one of the main ways to regulate itself and provide the most accurate data so that its management is in accordance with its needs, state and quality.

Good management and administration of a company strictly depends on how its resources and operations are going, without the awareness of which transactions are taking place, a company is unfortunately losing more and more in administrative capacity. Having a ready-made receipt template in hand means that a company has one of the greatest, if not the greatest tool for its administration.

Small companies especially cannot in any way do little or underestimate the importance of the ready receipt model, without them, a small company does not have one of the best tools to operate in the market. After all, being without receipts for your financial transactions means being without data about your daily life, which can be fatal in the long run.

What is the importance of the ready receipt template

As we have already mentioned, the need to have financial control of your life is becoming popular. This is true both for the domestic economy, which is typical of families and mothers and fathers of families, and it is even more important for a company. But even though it is extremely important for any company to keep its financial life in order, it is still not uncommon to find companies that treat this subject with little regard.

In fact, this practice is even more widespread in small and emerging companies, which often end up simply getting lost in their numerous transactions and having a poor financial organization. The best way to put the financial life of a company on track is with the ready receipt model, as it is with it that a company will issue all receipts and thus have more control over its financial life.

The same thing is valid for its customers, who, with the receipts for all the transactions they carry out, their purchases and service payments, have much more opportunity to carry out good household management and put into practice good results in domestic economics and financial education applied in House. All of this is an immensely important subject that should not be overlooked.

Since 1994 it is also the law that every company issues its receipts, so having a receipt model ready is not only a practical necessity for the management and administration of an institution, but also a way of being legally authorized to work and establish itself in the market, the receipt is also a tremendous tool for not falling into scams and for legally protecting yourself.

Consumers also have the right to demand a receipt when making purchases, so having a receipt at hand is essential for any business.

What does issue receipt mean?

When we talk about issuing the receipt, we are talking about the company that makes the receipt available to its customers at the time of the sale, thus issuing the statement of that transaction and making the receipt available to its consumer, be it an individual or another company.

The consumer, as we commented, has the right to demand the receipt. This makes it necessary for every company to be not only willing, but ready to issue a receipt at the time of all its sales and negotiations. And of course, there are consumers who account for the money spent, which makes it even more necessary to issue the receipt either by physical means (printing or copying on paper) or digitally.

It is worth it?

But after all, is it worth having a receipt template ready? Definitely yes! Analyzing all the advantages and needs, having a receipt template ready is essential.

So look for a ready receipt model and keep it safe and ready to be used in all your transactions.

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