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read messages without someone else knowing

If you want to know how to read WhatsApp and Facebook messages without the sender knowing, we have a simple guide to help you.

Wants to know how to read messages on whatsapp and facebook without the other person knowing? Yes, it is possible and in this article we will explain how.

It is not news that, for some time now, the various messaging services online – such as Facebook and WhatsApp – notify users when their message has been read by the recipient.

Even though each person has their own personal agenda and is not always available to respond immediately to all the messages they receive, it is certain that the impulse is to open up to read the content. The result is that, many times, we feel obligated not to let our friends “ignored” – or else we don’t respond and someone may feel uncomfortable with the lack of communication.

But don’t worry, there are ways around the situation, either on Facebook or WhatsApp. If you follow these steps, you will be able to filter what is important and what is not, and decide whether you have to respond immediately or whether, on the other hand, the matter can wait.

How to Read Messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Without Read Receipt

How to Read Messages on Facebook Without The Other Person Knowing

You may have noticed that when you’re using Facebook Messenger there are blue circles that appear next to each message. When these circles are replaced by the other person’s profile picture, the message has been seen.

The best way to prevent Facebook Messenger from knowing you’ve read the message is to prevent internet access. To do so, just before opening the message, put the smartphone in airplane mode. Open the message, read it and close the app before exiting airplane mode. In this way, the application is prevented from communicating to the servers that the message has been read.

It’s harder to fool Facebook when you’re on desktop, But it’s not impossible. To read messages without anyone knowing, you may have to resort to plugins that allow you to manipulate the permissions that Facebook has. If you are a Google Chrome user, an alternative is unseen. Firefox users will be able to search for Message Seen Disable.

How to Read Messages on WhatsApp Without The Other Person Knowing

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, it is also possible to read messages without sending the read receipt to the other user. One of the strategies you can use is to completely turn off the read receipts tool.

To make this change, you must select the “Options” of the applook for the “Privacy” menu and activate or disable the optionRead Receipts“.

Alternatively, if you want to keep this option on and want, in certain situations, to read the messages without the user noticing, you can use the same method you used on Facebook Messenger, which is to place the smartphone in airplane mode before opening the message.

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