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RBD members celebrate the sold outs in more than 30 concerts with their Rebelde Tour 2023: “After 15 years”

after 15 years RBD confirmed his return to the stagehence anahí, Sweet Maria, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckerman Y Christian Chavez thanked through social networks for the acceptance they are having with full houses in almost all the concerts that have been confirmed so far.

last january 19 RBD announced its long-awaited return to the stage with the Rebelde Tour 2023 in which so far they have confirmed more than 30 dates to tour cities in the United States, Brazil and of course the country where they were born, Mexico, the first of them being on August 25 and a last presentation on December 3.

But the success of the pop band has no limits and after making new presentations known, the four members celebrated the response of their audience on social networks, because in just 24 hours they managed to sell practically all the tickets.

One of the first to thank the reception they are receiving was anahíwho turned to her official Instagram account to express how surprised she is with this new success.

In less than 24 hours Sold Out! 6 new stadium dates” and “Thank you for this dream come true! 24 unforgettable hours”, were the messages that the actress and singer shared with nearly 11 million followers, who reacted with thousands of comments and “likes”.

Dulce María also joined in the expressions of affection for her fans by publishing a text in which she was honored to be able to bring together an entire generation again.

How is this assimilated after 15 years? Sold out in 24 hours the entire tour! Infinite thank you thank you and thank you for carrying us in your heart all these years. For waiting for us, for not forgetting us, for growing together, for being willing and eager to meet after taking different paths. Thanks to each one of you, we are going to give our best”, it reads, in addition to announcing new dates hoping they will be received as the previous ones.

For his part, Maite Perroni corresponded to the entire Latino community, “people from the USA, Mexico and Brazil for this incredible response“, in addition to confessing that it is an enormous happiness to feel everything that awaits them together.

Christopher Uckerman He also expressed his gratitude for once again making history with his teammates, while Christian Chavez He celebrated that his return to the stage is already a reality.

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