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RBD: Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann appear without Anahí and alarm their fans | VIDEO

RBD returns to the stage and moved more than one of his fans, since 15 years have passed since they put a pause on this project that marked an entire generation. But now there was a detail that scared his fans: anahí It does not appear on your recordings.

Everything seemed like honey on flakes when the “Soy Rebelde World Tour” tour was announced. But it was Sweet Maria who alarmed us after sharing a series of photos and videos that raised expectations among RBD’s loyal fans.

Well, in these publications, she is seen in the company of Christian Chavez and Christopher Uckermann from a recording studio, which many interpreted as the possibility that the successful band that derived from the soap opera “Rebelde” will release new musical themes.

However, there was something that alarmed the fans, because, although it is known that Alfonso Herrera will not be part of this reunion, The strange thing was that Anahí, one of the singers who has paid the most tribute to the band, was not present at the RBD meeting.

Well, even Maite Perroni was remotely present at the meeting held by Dulce María, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann.

Question that worried some followers of the group, who did not hesitate to write messages like: “Where is Ani?” and “First Poncho and now Anahí, stop stopping my heart.”

However, other fans of the Mexican band assured that Anahí was probably not present due to his projects and family life.

Which, however, does not exclude it from the new songs that the band that has planned a tour of the United States, Brazil and Mexico may be planning to release.

And although the publications of Anahí and Dulce María have hinted that it is possible that the RBD tour could be extended and reach other countries that sadly saw that they were not present on the band’s tour, there is still nothing confirmed.

Therefore, it is expected that soon some of the members of the band will provide more details about this and the surprise meeting they held this Monday.which made the hope of having new musical themes for “Rebelde” arise among Internet users.

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