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Raúl Araiza’s daughter looks just like Norma Herrera and these photos prove it

Raul Araiza He is one of the most beloved celebrities on Mexican television thanks to his career and the acting legacy that his family has. And we cannot forget that the driver is the son of the first actress Norma Herrera, who has participated in projects such as “Los Temerarios” and “Simply María”.

And everything seems to indicate that talent is not the only attribute that the histrionisa has inherited from the presenter of the “Hoy” program, because thanks to some images shared on her social networks, it was possible to appreciate the great resemblance between her and the daughters of the famous.

From his official Instagram account, Raúl Araiza did not fail to appeal to the nostalgia of his fans with some photographs of his childhood in the company of Norma Herrera, who was also a few years younger.

“The beautiful woman who gave me life. I LOVE YOU MOMMY ”, wrote the actor of melodramas such as“ A hook to the heart ”,“ Dad to every mother ”and“ The game of life ”to accompany the image of him.

This wide repertoire of photographs not only showed a younger “Negro” Araiza, but also It gave rise to comparisons about the resemblance between Norma Herrera and her granddaughter Camila Araiza to gain strength.

And it is that in addition to his complexion, grandmother and granddaughter share the brown color of their hair, upturned nose and an unmistakable green-eyed look for the public.

It was not long before both publications emphasized the similarity through messages of affection: “Very beautiful, beautiful eyes like her mother’s”, “The Herrera gene present”, “Beautiful image” and “What a cutie ”, are some of the compliments that are read on the net.

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