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Railing on the balcony: how to choose

O body guard It is a structure that aims to protect the balcony from the house or apartment, preventing falls and other types of accidents. There are several models on the market, which are distinguished by material and design.

Body guard without necessary protection. (Photo: Disclosure)

When an apartment does not have a guardrail on the balcony, children are at risk of their lives. This is because the external access space is completely exposed and favors falls, which can cause head trauma and even lead to death.

What this article covers:

How should the guardrail be?

It is recommended that the guardrail have a height of at least 1.10 m. The distance between the elements that make up the structure must not exceed 9 cm.

Many different parts make up the guardrailas is the case with the vertical element, which provides support to maintain a suitable position, and the horizontal elements, which are connected to form a type of frame.

O perfect bodyguard model it cannot have parts that facilitate climbing, that is, items that serve as support for the hands, feet and knees. If this rule is not complied with, the security of the structure is completely compromised.

Glass reinforces safety. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several ways to customize the guardrail and leave it with a look compatible with the architecture of the property. One of the most used materials to close the balcony is glass, which offers elegance, simplicity and resistance.

The bodyguard, made with tempered glass or laminated, makes it difficult for a child to climb, so it offers more safety in the day-to-day life of the residence. As it has a translucent effect, glass does not compromise the feeling of space and can be combined with other materials.

To mount the guardrail, it is possible to include some elements of metal or wood to make the design more beautiful. There are also those who use other construction materials, such as stainless steel, perforated screens, wires, steel cables, masonry and drywall.

Tips for choosing a balcony railing

To build the guardrail, it is interesting to have the engineer’s guidance. (Photo: Disclosure)

• It is important to keep in mind that the guardrail must be safe, durable and easy to maintain.

• A choice of guardrail it depends a lot on the situation.

• Before investing in the guardrail, it is important to know the NBR 14,718 of 2008 standard, which determines a series of measures to have the structure that protects the balcony built.

• To build a guardrail, it is recommended to hire the services of an architect or civil engineer. The professional is able to make the design and determine the best materials for the work.

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