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Raid headquarters of the Peruvian Football Federation in corruption investigation

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office raided the headquarters of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) on Thursday to collect documents in an investigation that continues for alleged corruption against the board of directors chaired by Agustín Lozano.

The entrance to the Villa Deportiva Nacional de Lima (Videna) remains guarded by numerous police officers who arrived at the scene to protect a team of prosecutors who entered the FPF facilities, according to local media.

Prosecutors and police entered the offices of the directors to collect documents after having requested on February 8without obtaining a response, the delivery of economic and banking information to submit it to “an accounting-financial expertise,” the information detailed.

“The authorities of La Videna never paid attention to these requirements, consequently the prosecutor was obliged to ask the investigative judge the search for the purpose of confiscating documents, that is what is happening,” Chávez told the radio station Radio Ovación.

He added that the search “will take as long as necessary and that the prosecutor establishes to be able to seize the necessary documentation,” but there is no “arrest warrant for anyone.”

The Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation last February against Lozano and the members of his board of directors for the alleged commission of the crimes of extortion, coercion and criminal organization to the detriment of clubs in the national first division.

In addition, that the leaders “had distributed different amounts of money to some professional soccer clubs, first and second division, and departmental soccer clubs to pay off their obligations and debts.”

The Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that Lozano is being investigated for allegedly having increased his assets in a suspicious and unjustified manner. and that “he would have tried to cover up” these alleged acts “using his family and circle” of friends.

Lozano assumed the presidency of the FPF in December 2018, after the arrest of his predecessor, Edwin Oviedowho was sentenced to prison for corruption, and in 2021 he was re-elected for the period 2021-2025.

In recent months he has starred in a confrontation with the leaders of several teams in the first divisionamong them the current two-time champion Alianza Lima, for the television broadcasting rights of the matches of the Peruvian League 1.

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