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Raffia palm tree: how to care, tips

How to care for Raffia palm🇧🇷 Check out some tips for caring for this species below, which is considered one of the best plants for indoor environments, widely used in apartments and offices.

Raffia Palm: How to Care, Tips (Illustrative Photo)

When using the green of the plants to decorate indoorsmany people are in doubt about which types of species to choose, since there is little incidence of sunlight in these places, something that can hinder the development of vegetables.

In other words, there are not many species that adapt well to such places, but if you can’t do without a good decoration with plants, you can bet on the Raffia Palm, which is resistant and adapts well to the aforementioned conditions.

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Raffia palm tree: how to care, tips

Ráfis, as it is also called, has Chinese origin (Photo Illustrative)

Of Chinese origin, the raffia palm it is one of the most used options for decorating indoor environments, as it resists well indoors, as long as you take care of it, keeping it beautiful and healthy.

Also known by names such as Ráfis, Rápis, Palmeira-rápis, Palmeira-dama or Jupati, it is a great alternative to floor plans for apartmentsfor example, and also for those people who don’t have much time to grow the plants.

THE raphis excelsea (scientific name of the raffia palm tree) has dark green, smooth and shiny leaves. The plant looks beautiful in rooms, offices, winter gardens and even in the bedroom, helping to give a different touch to the decoration of places with little light.

Raffia palm how to water

The types of care depend on where the plant is located (Illustrative Photo)

Between the tips for caring for raffia palmit is necessary to pay attention to the way of watering it, since excess water can be quite harmful to this species, which endures a long time without watering.

How to Water a Raffia Palm🇧🇷 If she is protected from the sun and rain, in an internal environment, water every 15 days. Still in this condition, during the winter, you can water it once a month.

But if she’s outdoors and gets sunlight part-time, you’ll need to water her every other day. And in cases where Ráfis is constantly exposed to the sun, like in a garden, for example, it is recommended to do small daily waterings. Always check the state of your land, avoiding leaving it soggy and also very dry.

Palm tree raffia how to fertilize

In general, Raffia is very resistant and can withstand a long time without water (Illustrative Photo)

How to fertilize raffia palm🇧🇷 Due to the relative hardiness of this plant, it does not need constant replenishment of nutrients. If it is in a suitable soil, the minimum interval for fertilizing should be one year, and when doing so, it is advisable to add less substrate than indicated by the manufacturer.

At raffia palm leaves they should always be bright and green. If brown spots appear (as if they were burned) or other strange spots, it is best to check that there is not excess water, sun or wind, as this plant does not like these three elements in large quantities.

One of the things to pay attention to is where the raffia palm tree will be located. A place that does not allow a good entry of light may develop the darkening of the tips of the leaves.

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