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Rafael Amaya: This is known so far about Maritza Ramos, the woman who stole his heart

A few days ago the Mexican actor rafael amaya He led the headlines of dozens of publications after confirming before the cameras that his heart already has an owner. And now it is thanks to the identity of his crush finally came to light. Who is it about? Here we tell you the details.

The public received a tremendous surprise after it was revealed that the protagonist of “El Señor de los Cielos” has been having an affair with his manager, Maritza Ramos, for more than two years!

It was from People in Spanish that a source close to the couple revealed that the couple is happier than ever, so much so that they even live together.

“Rafael got to know her and little by little he saw how brilliant she was and what a precious and divine person and a family woman, it was what attracted him a lot”, detailed the acquaintance of the actor. “They are inseparable, Rafa wants to keep their relationship sacred.”

Who is Maritza Ramos, Rafael Amaya’s girlfriend?

It didn’t take long for the news to spread like wildfire and arouse the public’s curiosity to meet the woman who stole the actor’s heart.

This is the Mexican-American Maritza Ramos, who has a degree in Accounting and Finance and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and International Law. She served as director of finance for a government agency, a position she would be leaving to fully dedicate herself to Rafael Amaya’s career.

Regarding how he met the actor, it is known that this occurred when he was offered to manage the finances of his businesses; the working relationship was extended after she became his manager. Finally, both would have been struck by each other to such an extent that they gave love a chance.

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