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Rafael Amaya, “The Lord of the Skies”, takes off his shirt and shows off his imposing physique in a selfie

rafael amaya has caused a sensation in instagram thanks to his most recent publication: a selfies in which he appears shirtless and showing off his toned body; he accompanied the image (which so far has more than 177,000 likes) with the message: “There is no great talent without great discipline”.

Several years ago, the Mexican actor had serious problems due to an addiction to alcohol and drugs, but that was in the past and he reflects it in that post, which has received comments such as “Chulote! Long live Tecate and its surroundings! 😂😍”, “Congratulations dear”, “Yummy!! But why is one side bigger than the other? photoshop??? and “Ah well, it’s nice to get up like that”.

In a video Rafael posed in a church characterized as his character “Aurelio Casillas”, but in another clip he also promoted with his famous “Arre” the eighth season of “The Lord of the heavens”which premiered on January 17 in Telemundo.

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