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Rafael Amaya confirmed to Quique Usales that he has had a girlfriend for 2 and a half years!

Quique Usales and Rafael Amaya at the press premiere of El Señor de Los Cielos 8.

Photo: Clary Castro. / Courtesy

the journalist clary castro was an eyewitness of an epic moment from the red carpet of the premiere in Mexico for the press of the series Telemundo, The Lord of the Skies 8. ohRafael Amaya confessed to Quique Usales that he has had a girlfriend for almost 2 and a half years!

I have a relationship… I have a girlfriend… 2 and a half years… Yes, I have a girlfriend… Seriously… Well yes, it really is. It’s 2 and a half years of being in heaven very comfortable. Of companionship, of very beautiful things, ”she said amid laughter but convincing. Rafael Amaya vs. Quique Usales of Telemundo. clary castroalong with other journalists from the invited media and other artists, listened to the heartthrob of The Lord of the heavens give this news first hand.

Of course, the Spaniard doubted at first whether to believe him or not. We already know the good humor that characterizes the Mexican actor. The truth is that, in the midst of rumors that were already increasing in volume, the Amaya stepped forward and he himself confirmed that he has been in love for a while.

Who is the lucky one? No details are known out loud yet, but we hope that his fans will be able to meet them very soon. At some point, she was associated with her manager, but later the rumor faded.

However, the magazine People en Español published an article in which they claimed that Rafael Amaya had a relationship and that it was indeed his manager, Maritza Ramos. The same one that she met when she began to manage the artist’s finances.

The same medium describes the actor’s girlfriend The Lord of the heavens as a well-studied and prepared woman and that makes you feel very proud to the interpreter of Aurelio Casillas. They added that the couple is already living under the same roof. Now all that remains is to wait and see if the actor himself gives details later.

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