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Rafa Márquez meets with Xavi Hernández in a game of the youth of FC Barcelona (Photo)

Xavi Hernández does not want to miss what happens in the lower categories of FC Barcelona and was together with the Mexican Rafa Márquez in a match for the club’s youth.

Both coaches coincided in their time as players at FC Barcelonaa time in which they won practically everything they played, now one directs the first team and the other has the responsibility of guiding the subsidiary.

At the time Xavi Hernández highlighted the historical importance of Rafa for FC Barcelona and celebrated the fact that the former Mexican footballer sat on the bench of the Barça subsidiary. The photograph was uploaded to the club’s social networks with the caption: “legends“It went viral and received hundreds of likes and comments from FC Barcelona fans.

Unai Hernández and Dani Rodríguez were two of the footballers that Xavi was able to see and whom he has already called to train with the first team.

Xavi Hernández and Rafa Márquez finished watching the match that the coach of the first team arrived after the press conference for the match that the first team will play against Villarreal.

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