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Quilt in decoration: how to use it, tips

There are several ways to customize the decor and make it more colorful, as is the case with the Quilt. The craft technique allows to create kinds of quiltswhich can be used both on the bed and also in other spaces of the house.

The quilt makes the decoration more colorful and personalized. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

What is Quilt?

THE word ‘quilt’ comes from Latin and means ‘culcita’. It is a kind of mattress filled with something soft, normally used for lying or covering.

Everything indicates that quilting is an ancient art, after all, the technique has existed for centuries. The oldest quilt was found on the floor of a chieftain’s tomb in Russia, between 100 BC to 200 AD

In ancient societies, the quilting technique It was used to make armor. The cloth structure guaranteed more resistance to the blows of spears and swords.

The quilting technique is done with a sewing machine. (Photo: Disclosure)

Over time, quilts gained new assignments, especially with regard to decoration.

How to quilt?

For quilt, first it is important to choose the piece that will be embroidered. The materials needed for craft work are fabric scraps, thread and sewing machine. After embroidering, the quilt can be enhanced with appliqués, such as sequins and sequins.

Quilting is not as simple a task as it seems. Before going to the sewing machine, the craftsman needs to practice on paper, making continuous lines with a pen. To make a quilt articleit is necessary to acquire a suitable foot for the sewing machine.

Check out a video below that will surely help those quilt beginners🇧🇷

Tips for using Quilt in decoration

Check it out below how to use quilt in decoration🇧🇷

• The quilt technique can be used not only to make quilts, but also pillows, blankets and towels;

• The quilt can appear on the upholstery of the sofa;

Different environments can gain a quilt piece. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The quilt pieces are colored and printed, so they represent a great bet to break up the monotony of spaces;

• In the kitchen, the quilt can appear on the table runner;

• The craft technique serves to create creative and delicate pieces;

• Through the quilt, it is possible to combine different colors and prints;

• Decorate the sofa with a quilt blanket it’s a way to keep the room warm during the winter months;

• If the upholstery of the sofa cannot be changed, then it is recommended to decorate the room with colorful quilt cushions;

• Environments decorated with quilts become more welcoming, pleasant and intimate;

• By playing with patterns and textures, the pieces made through quilting refer to the aesthetics of the past.

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