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Quiet! Kojima productions will not stop working with PlayStation • ENTER.CO

Hideo Kojima’s appearance at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase could have been a mail. Basically the only thing we knew is that Kojima Productions and Microsoft are working together on a new title that Kojima himself has described as the game he has ‘always wanted to make’.

Of course, the decision to announce an Xbox exclusive title sparked rumors about Kojima Productions’ relationship with Sony. The developer has always been much closer to this company with titles like Death Stranding being exclusive to the PS4. In fact, before the announcement, the rumors of an exclusive title for Xbox had already caused controversy among the developer’s fans who saw in this project a statement by the studio or by Kojima himself breaking ties with what was his “home” for many years.

Away from all the (mainly imaginary) drama, Kojima Studios has released a statement confirming that this exclusive game does not mean that their relationship with Sony is over or even that there are problems with it.

“Following the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using cloud technology, many people have asked us about our collaboration with SIE. Rest assured, we also continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation.”

Of course, all these fears have very little basis in reality. Norman Reedus recently ‘let slip’ that one of Kojima Productions’ projects is precisely a sequel to Death Stranding. Although the studio has not confirmed this slip of the actor, it seems unlikely that a sequel was intended outside of the PlayStation originally.

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“As an independent creative studio, Kojima Productions will continue to work on creations for our fans. We will explore various possibilities with games, movies, and music across platforms that evolve with time and technology. We hope to continue to count on your support!”.

For now we have no further information about Kojima’s project with Microsoft. Rumors suggest that it has something to do with mobile platforms, but this does not exclusively mean that it will be a dedicated title for them. There is also a permanent emphasis that has been placed on the word ‘cloud’. Again, in the direct Kojima assured “that I have waited for a long time for the day I could finally start creating it”.

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