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quick and simple (with videos)

Make-up for everyday life should be light, fresh, luminous, simple and quick to apply. Get a neat image in just a few steps.

For beauty and image gurus, the makeup for everyday life is a mandatory step, even if the option is for a look light and almost imperceptible.

Being discreet and fresh is, in fact, a premise for make up which we should choose to face the routine, be it work or leisure.

If you’ve been avoiding wearing make-up on a daily basis because you don’t like it, don’t know how to do it or simply don’t have the time, we’ve come to demystify the topic – and for a variety of reasons.

Everyday makeup: never or always?

We would say that always, since a make-up can have a thousand and one versions and the most clean they are perfect for taking care of your image without having to assume a heavy look on a daily basis.

One of the good reasons to include a simple makeup routine in your routine is that you don’t have to look like you have makeup on. A good make-up to use during the day is really the one that doesn’t stand out, that doesn’t weigh you down and doesn’t alter your image – on the contrary, it will favor your natural features and give your skin a more rested and cared for look.

Makeup for those who don’t like makeup or don’t have time

If you don’t like to wear foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and other beauty products during the day, that’s okay. It is always possible to adapt what you are willing to apply and get good results.

In addition, there are some tricks that help you not have to use many products on a daily basis (and save time). For example: don’t like base? Keep your skin clean, hydrated and cared for so that you only need a day-to-day imperfection corrector. With “baby skin” you will only need a blusha lip balm and a few touches to look impeccable on a daily basis.

Simple make-up for a healthy look and everyday care

Our suggestion is to create a luminous and fresh skin base, without too many products. For this, nothing like betting on a super make-up clean with a BB Cream or a CC Cream, a light translucent powder, a highlighter, a blusha mask for eyelashes, a mask to correct eyebrow flaws and a light colored lipstick or lipgloss.

Does it seem like a lot of steps and a lot of makeup? Don’t be fooled: there’s nothing faster and lighter to include in your routine, even on days when you’re in a hurry.

the basis of BB or CC Creamwhen combined with an illuminator, it will even out the skin, correcting imperfections and solving the tired look, while the powder fixes everything and the blush offers a healthy air to the look. The mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows will lift the eyes and finish the make-up. On days when dark circles seem more “stubborn”, use a corrector – you won’t waste a minute with this step.

If you are in doubt between choosing a BB cream or one CC creamthe tip is: use the BB cream if you have oily skin and spend most of your days indoors, to achieve a more even skin with reduced pores; or choose the CC cream if the idea is to disguise blemishes and irregularities in the complexion (this product contains sun protection factor and firstbeing a more complete option for skin correction and protection).

Video step-by-step for everyday makeup

We leave you some suggestions, in video, with all the steps for a careful make-up, although very quick.

You can opt for a more complete make-up, a more subtle one and even one without foundation.

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