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Queue file operations with Piky Basket

Piky Basket is a Windows shell extension that allows you to add files and folders from different locations on your hard drive to a virtual basket to perform file operations on all files and folders once you have finished adding them to the queue.

Basically, you select as many files and folders as you want from your system, and then perform a file operation on all of them.

This opens up a whole new range of enhancements: collect files from multiple folders and then process them using one of the supported file operations. This can be useful, for example, if you want to move all your media, files, or documents to a new directory, or just select the ones you need for research or a new project you’ve just started.

Piky Basket

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The file operations that Piky Basket supports are copy, move, and delete. Delete is probably the least used of the three, considering that it makes virtually no difference whether you delete files in individual folders one by one, or collect them all to run a delete operation instead.

This is actually another good use. Sometimes I download large collections of images from sites like Flickr using an automatic downloader. Instead of going through each image individually, I could simply add all the images I want to remove to the basket and remove them at the end. I don’t have to bookmark all of them as I continue browsing through them. It is also ideal for creating a CD or DVD with files from different locations, for example a backup.

Another option is to copy paths to the clipboard. Picky Basket can get the paths of selected files and folders and copy them to clipboard.


Picky Basket is a useful program for Microsoft Windows devices that makes file operations with multiple source file locations easier to handle.

To updateThe developer company no longer offers Picky Basket. The functionality of the program has been transferred to the trading program Copywhiz. Windows users who prefer a free solution should take a look at Smart Copy Tool which provides similar functionality.

It can be used to display all or select files stored in a root folder and all subfolders of that folder. These files can be moved, copied or deleted. The program offers additional functionality, such as the ability to merge directories or synchronize them.

We have uploaded the latest working version of Picky Basket for free on our own server. Please note that we do not support the program in any form, and have done so simply for archival purposes. You can download the app by clicking the following link: Picky Basket

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