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Quartz for work: which ones to have on your desk to be more productive

Quartz can help you be more productive at work, just place them on your desk or space where you do your work for its energy to clarify your ideas, keep your mind focused, concentrated and stimulate your creativity.

Regardless of what activity you spend your time on, these minerals are tools that channel your energy to achieve your daily goals, as well as your long-term goals.

Crystals, as they are also known, are popular for their cleansing and purifying properties of our electromagnetic field, but they are also excellent productivity catalysts.

If you feel that you are not capable of facing a work challenge, you are afraid of failure, you lack inspiration, motivation or energy during your day, you can find the solution in the following crystals, according to the recommendations of the Horoscope site.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz is used to have more self-confidence. When there are only negative thoughts in your mind, this crystal can help you release those annoying lapses of anxiety. For example, if you are going to give a presentation, when you have doubts and want to ask something, or you had a problem that left you with a bad feeling.

Using it is very simple. Take a short break, grab the rose quartz with your hand, close your eyes and take a deep breath until you calm down. Mentally repeat phrases like “I am strong”, “I have confidence in myself” or “I am at peace”.

black tourmaline

When we are surrounded by negative colleagues and toxic bosses, keeping a black tourmaline quartz in your desk will be of great help. In addition, this mineral protects against radiation fields emitted by computers and cell phones.

Every time you perceive a tense, unpleasant or aggravating situation, bring it as close as possible to you. For example, if you see your boss approaching you annoyed, take it lightly.


If what you want is to overcome a moment of mental stagnation and you want to have inspiration or be more creative, citrine is the quartz you need.. This crystal activates your third eye and gives you a direct channel to your imagination. It is like a bridge that allows your mind to release original thoughts.

To use it, hold it in your hand, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Establish what you need to obtain from this mineral and write on a sheet of paper the tasks that are pending and must be solved.

smoky quartz

If you are one of those who are easily distracted and have a hard time focusing on one thing, smoky quartz will become your best friend.. This mineral has the power to make your mind focus on an activity by reducing stress, anxiety and dispelling the distracting clouds that overwhelm your thoughts. To use its powers just take it, close your eyes and breathe calmly.

Tiger’s Eye

For people who are nervous and anxious about work, the Eye of the Tiger will be their best ally.. It is a powerful stone to calm your thoughts and keeps you focused on the present.

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