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Quartz for Aries: which crystals protect and balance it

One of the ways to know which quartz is in tune with our energy is through the zodiac signs. If you are an Aries, there are certain minerals that are synchronized and potentiated with your astrological energy..

Crystals, as these precious stones are also known, possess electromagnetic properties that they absorbed from the Earth over the years, these they are in tune with the energy of the universe and, consequently, with our astral field.

Quartz amplify our zodiacal qualities, and to Those born from March 20 to April 19, there are certain types that enhance their passions and competitiveness and, at the same time, calm their impulses by helping them make smarter choices.

Let’s remember that Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, so he is passionate, independent, committed to his goals and objectives, but he is also impulsive, gets bored easily and can make hasty decisions, explain Horoscope.com astrologers.

Crystals can help Aries to balance their qualities and shortcomings, that is, maximize your astral gifts and work on your weaknesses. Keep reading to find out which quartzes are in tune with the energy of this sign.


As a bold and ambitious sign, Aries is willing to do what is necessary to fulfill a job, assignment or reach a goal. He invests so much energy that it can wear out quickly and amethyst helps to calm their stress, calms them down and raises their spiritual energy, says the Crystal Healing Ritual site.


Aries are natural leaders, it is not uncommon for them to excel at work or in business. Citrine helps them stay focused on their goals and can attract wealth as well as prosperity. “It is a crystal that stimulates creative energy, encouraging Aries to be more innovative in their field.”

black obsidian

This beautiful jet black stone is perfect to protect Aries from any negative energy. This sign is adventurous and intrepid, which is why they often face the most difficult challenges. This crystal protects you on your journey and calms your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed.

red jasper

As a fire sign, Aries is passionate and energetic, reflecting his personality perfectly in this beautiful reddish colored quartz. This mineral helps Aries to keep his feet connected to the ground, avoiding imprudence and making decisions based on his bad temper. Red jasper clears his energy and restores his emotional balance.

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