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Qatar World Cup 2022: which saints to pray for a miracle for your soccer team

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has reached serious instances, now the team that loses will be eliminated from the competition and if you want the Almighty fulfills the “miracle” to your teamthere are saints and prayers that we can use.

A popular saying says “faith moves mountains” so It is not out of place to make our request to the patron saintsAfter all, the triumph of a team represents the happiness of an entire country.

To which saints to pray for the triumph of our team?

When a team will face a decisive match there are virtues of patron saints that can exalt the courage of the players, one of them is Saint John Bosco. His divinity will make the team win with value and purity, that is, the victory is completely legitimate and with a sports spirit, according to the Effective Prayer site.

Prayer of Saint John Bosco

“Oh Saint John Bosco, patron of the young, faithful defender and promoter of the values ​​that identify this sport, you who teach us friendship, honor, camaraderie and above all love for this sport, allow us to achieve victory on the day of today, that we fill ourselves with strength and agility, so that our opponent cannot overcome us, give us the ability to stay unharmed on the field, the intelligence to build game strategies and keep away from us any antivalue that could take over our be at the beginning of the game, bless us today in this important game. Amen.”

The saint who will help us calm our nerves before a football match and will intercede so that our team is the winner is Saint Luigi Scrisoppiwho is said to be the patron saint of soccer players.

Prayer to Luigi Scrisoppi

“Oh Saint Luigi Scrisoppi, patron saint of soccer players, you who are a living example of charity, patience and infinite love for sport, you who tirelessly dedicated yourself to youth, and to sport as an option for all, grant us the triumph of our team today, that each player be impregnated with your wisdom, that patience and humility be the ones who reign on the field of play, intercede for each player, so that they can find the best plays, so that they always remember the principles of soccer and stand up for your values, let us achieve victory today. Amen”.

One of the most beloved Popes by Latinos was Saint John Paul IInow converted into a Saint, can intercede so that our goalkeeper stops any ball from the rival and thus prevents the victory of the opposing team.

Prayer of Saint John Paul II

“Great Saint John Paul II, you who defended your team in youth, you who knew fanaticism and love for soccer, you who dedicated yourself to promoting honest soccer, I ask you today to intercede for my team, in Special for the goalkeepers, your patron saint of goalkeepers, allow them to defend the goal with patience, with strength and wisdom, grant them the skill so that they can stop each goal, consolidating our victory. O Saint John Paul II, for love of the immaculate Mary and Jesus, intercede today for our team, to achieve victory today. Amen”. Now that you know which saints intercede for your team, it is enough to say these prayers before the initial whistle, perhaps one of them will fulfill the “miracle”.

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