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Qatar World Cup 2022: prophet hit the final France vs Argentina before the start of the World Cup

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, top representatives of Argentina and France, respectively.


The Brazilian clairvoyant Athos Salome has earned the nickname of “Modern Nostradamus” for his accurate predictions and he has shown it in this World Cup in Qatar 2022. Days before the opening of the World Cup that will live its climax next Sunday, said that the final would be between France and Argentinaprognosis that was fulfilled.

At the time, he told the Daily Star site: “Analyzing the Cabal according to the year of the games 2022, start date and letters of the names of the countries that will play, we can find Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, France and England in the final”.

And then he said: “We can see the cup dispute between the land of tango (Argentina) and the Central European country (France)”. This is how accurate his prediction was in the article that has the publication date on November 18, 2022.

The path taken by the teams that will play the final is interesting so that the prediction of the “modern Nostradamus” would come true.

France finished the group stage as leader of sector D with 6 points after beating Australia, Denmark and surprisingly losing to Tunisia. In the round of 16 they defeated Poland 3-1, then knocked out powerhouse England 2-1 and they finally ended the Moroccan dream by beating them in the semifinals by 2 goals to nil.

For his part, Argentina qualified as Group C leader with 6 units after losing the first game against Saudi Arabia 2-1, beating Mexico 2-0 and beating Poland 2-0. In the round of 16 they beat Australia 2-1, dispatched the Netherlands in the quarterfinals after an agonizing 2-2 draw and won on penalties, and finally defeating Croatia in the semifinals 3-0.

It should be noted that the seer is not a fan of soccer and did not opt ​​for Brazil, his country of origin, as can be read in his Instagram posts, so his predictions have become legendary.

Palmares of the “modern Nostradamus”

Athos Salome of Divinopolis has become famous for his predictions on a global scale, among which is having predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and now the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 between France and Argentina is added to this list.

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