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Qatar 2022 World Cup: ritual to “freeze” a team and prevent it from winning a soccer match

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has entered the phase where the matches are life or death. Some teams need a miracle to go to the next round and from our trenches we can help the players and coaching staff.

There is freezing ritual that its purpose is to prevent a soccer team from developing its game as it should and thus prevent it from winning a match; consequently, this bad moment will benefit our favorite team.

This spell is not black magic, that is, we will not cause harm to the rival team or wish injuries, we simply we will make it look superior to our selection and therefore be overcome.

On paper there are teams that jump onto the playing field as favourites, however, when luck is not on their side they can lose.

If the players use cabals and superstitions to win games, why not do the same as fans? The materials that we are going to use are: some image that represents the team that we want to freeze (a photo, symbol, etc.) and the shirt of that team.

If you do not have that team’s jacket, it will be enough to write the name of the team on a piece of paper or draw the shield of said team, however, it is more effective if you get the shirt, according to the specialized site Ancestral Sensations.

On game day, put the photo/symbol of the rival team in the freezer or fridge, as well as the shirt. You can put these objects in a container with water, but you must do it hours before the whistle starts so that, when it starts, it is completely frozen.

The ritual ends when the encounter ends; take things out of the fridge and you can reserve the materials for another occasion that presents itself.

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