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Qatar 2022: the signs of the zodiac that suffer with the soul the defeat of their team

The signs of the zodiac tell us which fans suffer the most from defeat.


The long faces of the fans whose teams have been eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar is a constant, after all, there will only be 2 teams that will reach the grand final and one will be champion. Astrology can tell us why some people pass the bitter pill faster than others.

There are signs of the zodiac who suffer the defeat of their team with a lot of pain. Knowing that their country will no longer be part of the World Cup fills them with frustration so their emotions can overflow.

The astrological personality of the signs helps us understand our behavior based on planetary traits, so it can also reveal to us How do we react to defeat?

Thus, within the framework of the World Cup we tell you which zodiac signs suffer with the soul the removal of their selection.

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war, Aries lives every soccer match with great passion. Every time a match begins, they express their emotions, expend energy and move as much as the players on the field, according to the tarot reader and astrologer Leonardo Saez in an article for the Clarín newspaper.

The Aries fan demands everything from the referee and demands 100% effort from the players; they experience the game with so much tension that, when their team is not the winner, their emotions go from 100 to 0 and they get too depressed. The advantage is that he knows how to recover quickly.

Gemini people show nervousness before, during and after the game. To release tension, they talk and give their opinion on everything as if they were a technical director, commentator and fan at the same time.

Geminians are fans who don’t know how to sit still, they suffer each arrival of the rival team and get excited by the good plays of their selection. Naturally, when she is defeated it hurts to their hearts.

Scorpio Fans They are the most intense of the Zodiac. They are not measured to give their opinion, they express what they think forcefully and argue with knowledge. When the game starts, they remain silent and do not speak, they just shout each goal or throw an insult each time one falls against. Scorpions are one of those who cry when their selection is defeated.

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