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Put an end to abusive telemarketing calls

Who has never received unwanted telemarketing calls, making those sales of internet packages, and products that we don’t need, for example, in addition to being extremely inconvenient and disturbing, they often occur every 1 hour, or sometimes even worse , every minute.

And to the surprise of people who can no longer stand having to hang up and block this type of call, we’ve brought news on how you can end this problem yourself, in a practical and easy way. To find out more, continue reading!

Learn how to report on do not disturb me. Reproduction image: Google.

See how to register on the Do Not Disturb Platform to
Report Abusive Calls from Telemarketing Companies

Recently, a channel was launched by the National Consumer Secretariat, which inhibits the actions of telemarketing companies that carry out the function in an “exaggerated” way.

  • Is for “DO NOT receive calls from these institutions” such as telemarketing companies and even banks, you can register on “Do not disturb me”. In addition to being simple, practical, safe and fast, the site does not charge any registration fee, being a consumer’s right.

The do not disturb me still operates about a month after your registration has been validated.

This measure took place through the Justice ministryaiming to suspend abusive telemarketing activities in Brazil.

whereas in this note here, the suspension of almost 200 companies throughout Brazil is clarified, given as the main factor abusive activities and telemarketing carried out through robots.

What is Do Not Disturb Me

This site, called Não Me Disturbe, consists of a list of consumer rights, who as a rule do not want to receive any type of call selling services via telephone, through telemarketing from financial institutions and others (in addition to loan options and its modalities). There is also a second government website, about 5.7 million users, on the platformDo not disturb me”.

Suspension of abusive telemarketing activities

After this channel was officially launched, it received about 2,781 complaints from companies with insistent and disturbing calls.

Given that in the last three years there was still a rate of almost 15,000 complaints about companies with abusive activities in the country.

This suspension took place through the Senacon based on the number of daily complaints registered in the National Consumer Defense Information System (Sindec), in addition to others registered at consumer.gov.br.

Considering also that many times access to the telephone numbers in question was not given to the companies through the users themselves.

Therefore, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security understood that abusive telemarketing violates our consumer protection code. Considering the existing and current data protection law.

You can also report it through other means.

In this form for exampleit is also possible to denounce the actions of telemarketing companies that make daily and abusive calls.

The initial message also contains the following information (which you can read even before filling out the form). See an excerpt:

‘The National Consumer Secretariat determined the suspension of active abusive telemarketing throughout the National Territory. So, if you receive contact from a company that offers services, without expressly expressing interest in receiving these calls, REPORT IT!

The accused company will be subject to a daily fine of R$1,000.00 (one thousand reais), which can reach R$13 million, with conviction in an administrative proceeding.

Make your complaint and collaborate with the end of unwanted calls.”

Right below there is still an extensive form, in which you can fill in and validate your complaint, and you will need to provide some important personal data.

Report the telemarketing 0303

If prefix 0303 whether you are making calls to your cell phone or landline, know that they can be made through the application Anatel Consumeror even through the website www.gov.br/anatel, or by telephone 1331the respective denouncements of these prefixes.

Remembering that it is fundamental to denounce calls from abusive telemarketing companies, in order to control the performance of these institutions. So don’t let it go!

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