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Pumas fans ask for the departure of Rafa Puente and the coach does not want to resign his position

Rafael Puente, technical director, of Pumas.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Pumas de la UNAM had another loss in the MX League against Puebla, which made the followers of the group will explode against Rafa Puente, club coach. However, the strategist does not give in and explained that He does not want to leave his position in the team that is in the Clausura 2023.

At the end of the match that yielded a 4-2 victory for the visiting team in Ciudad Universitaria, the followers of the cat team gave their show from the stands, as with boos and shouts of ‘out’, they made their position known.

However, after all this show put on by the fans of the feline group against Rafa Puente, The coach spoke at a press conference and let it be known that he will not give up to help the team move forward. In addition, he emphasized the fact that the last word belongs to the directive of the university staff.

“The variable in my head (of resigning) only fits when I stop trusting the footballers or myself or the coaching staff, and at least today it is far away in my opinion. Then what is decided, it is not up to me, but lower your arms and give up, throw in the towel, are words that in my vocabulary are unlikely to be present”he shared at a press conference.

Finally, Rafa Puente spoke about the booing received by the fans, and made it clear that they have every right to be upset and to speak out against their work.

The fans have every right to pronounce themselves and be upset: they pay their ticket and want to see their team win, and if it doesn’t happen, it’s normal for them to protest against the coaching staff. I will never ask the fans for anything, I will simply thank you and on behalf of all of you we thank you for asking us like this, because this team demands that, its history demands that you be on top, fighting and being the protagonist” added Rafa Puente.

Pumas is in the 11th position of the current Clausura 2023 of the Liga MX, with 11 points in 10 days, thanks to three wins, two draws and five losses. His next match will be against Cruz Azul on Saturday, March 11.

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