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Puerto Rican fans set Guinness Record for dyeing their hair blonde in support of the World Baseball Classic team

192 fans dyed their hair blonde in support of World Baseball Classic players and set a Guinness record. The Puerto Rican baseball team will debut this Saturday against Nicaragua in the World Classic.

The blonde hair tradition began after players did it as a cabal in the 2017 edition. The impact on the fans was such that they began to emulate them and reached such a point that the beauty salons on the island were left without dyes before the fashion imposed by baseball.

Certified hairstylists from the NUC University Beauty School were in charge of dyeing blondes an average of 20 men per hour, thus surpassing the record of 160 established in Argentina.

192 Puerto Ricans set the record / Photo: EFE

The event was organized by the Universal Group insurance company, in collaboration with NUC University, with the aim of reaching that record and honoring the ninth before their first game tomorrow in the World Baseball Classic in Miami.

“Today we made history, good history, supporting our athletes is one of the things that unites us as a people,” Josely Vega Maldonado, president and CEO of Universal Group, highlighted in a statement.

After six years without the World Classic due to the pandemic, once again the players dyed their hair for the 2023 edition and the return of “Team Rubio” as they call the Puerto Rican team.

The issue of hair treatment for Puerto Rican players is a serious issue. This time, the team has been more prepared and hired five hairdressers and color experts, compared to one person for each task in 2017.

“The people of Puerto Rico adopted it. He was good for them and for us as a team. So why not continue this tradition?” said Yadier Molina, manager of the Puerto Rican team in this edition.

The Boricuas begin this Saturday against Nicaragua and then on Sunday it will be against Venezuela. Both games will be at Loan Depot Park. of the Miami Marlins where many citizens of the Puerto Rican community live.

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