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PUBG could have a second chance (although it has already lost its moment) • ENTER.CO

Back in 2018 it was easier for someone to know what PUBG was than Fortnite. Unfortunately, the game that, for many, put the Battle Royale on the map little by little was losing ground, until it became a dark option that little or nothing sounded. Fortunately, and although it took longer than it should have, PUBG has made some changes in recent months, including switching to the free model. What has proven to be one of the best decisions of the company because the latest report confirms that the game is currently earning more money than ever.

The company’s most recent report ensures that PC sales increased by 61% in the last year and today reach 82.3 million. On consoles, the change has also been seen, increasing by 274% compared to 2021. The company also reports that its number of users has tripled in just the last quarter of 2021.

There are several things that PUBG has done to win back its audience. The main one, without a doubt, has been moving to a free model. PUBG originally came to Steam as a paid Battle Royale. This wasn’t much of a hassle initially, but when Fortnite landed and offered a similar experience for free, PUBG lost an important hook.

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Then there was the fact that, despite being one of the purest battle royales, the title lacked additional elements that differentiated it from the hundreds of other games that copied its formula and improved it with additions (such as Fortnite ).

In recent months, PUBG, for example, has integrated many events in association with some franchises. For example, this week the game announced a collaboration with Evangelion. From May 19 to June 19, a new game mode called ‘Core Circle’ is coming to the Livik and Erangel maps, through a special event players will be able to see EVA-01 face off against the 6th Angel.

At the start of each match, players will spawn in a special, reduced Blue Zone where they will witness the 6th Angel arrive on Spawn Island and fire his powerful laser. Players will be able to interact and be part of the event and all its action, within the mini map the appearance point of EVA-01 and observe the Angel on the way to the confrontation.

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