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ProUni Scholarship 2022: Find out how to try to get it

With the ProUni project, low-income Brazilian students can get full and partial scholarships at private universities throughout Brazil. For this, it is necessary that those enrolled have taken the Enem of the previous year, so the highest grades of each registered course are chosen.

Therefore, ProUni is considered a great opportunity for those who dream of attending a university, but cannot cover expenses and tuition. Check below how to get a ProUni 2022 scholarship.

What this article covers:

What is ProUni 2022 and how to apply for the program?

ProUni is a benefit created to help low-income students enter a private university. For this, two types of scholarships are available: Partial and full.

In both modalities, the enrollment rules are the same, the difference is that the partial student has a scholarship of only 50% of the monthly fee and in the scholarship to integrate all tuition fees are paid for by the program.

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In order to remain in the course, the student with a ProUni scholarship must perform well in the classroom and not exceed the number of absences determined, otherwise they run the risk of losing the ProUni scholarship 2022 completely. Therefore, all scholarship holders must read carefully the rules and focus on good course performance such as grades and participation.

In order to participate, the student must live with an income of 1.5 to 3 minimum wages per person in the family nucleus. All universities participating in the program do not have to pay taxes to the government, such as income tax.

Are there any changes to the ProUni 2022 rules?

Since the beginning of the program, a fundamental norm has been that scholarship recipients could only be public school students or scholarship holders in private schools, but the rules for ProUni 2022 scholarships have been changed.

Now with the provisional measure, all students will be able to compete for a ProUni Scholarshipeven students from private schools, scholarship holders or not.

The new rule can start operating from July 2022 across the country. Another new rule of the program is the fact that the program has started to give greater preference to students with disabilities and public school teachers. Now, students with a ProUni 2022 scholarship will also have the option of requesting a transfer between private institutions, if the two reach an agreement.

ProUni 2022: Who can and how to get a scholarship?

To apply for a ProUni 2022 scholarship, the applicant must follow some of the requirements proposed by the program, they are:

  • Have some kind of disability;
  • High school attended in public schools or having had a scholarship in a private school;
  • Being a public school teacher;
  • Income of 1.5 to 3 minimum wages.

For those who reach the grade of a course, the profile will be analyzed along with the necessary documents to check if all the information is true and the student is indeed entitled to a ProUni 2022 scholarship. So, the tip is that if selected, the student start separating all the necessary documentation with a copy of each one.

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