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Protective quartz for Pisces: which ones favor it the most

One of the ways to know which quartz is in tune with our energy is through the zodiac signs. If you are a Pisces there are certain minerals that enhance your astrological energy.

Crystals, as these precious stones are also known, possess electromagnetic properties that they absorbed from the Earth over the years, these they are in tune with the energy of the universe and, consequently, with our astral field.

Quartz are capable of amplifying our zodiacal qualities, and for those born from February 19 to March 20 they can enhance their spiritual energy and, at the same time, balance their emotional conflicts. Remember that Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, so it is an intuitive and sensitive being.

With the help of crystals, Pisces can balance their astrological energy, that is, maximize your natural gifts and enhance your weaknesses. Next, we tell you which are the best quartz for this sign, based on a list published in an article by Cosmic Cuts.


It is one of the Pisces birthstones, so it supports your spiritual qualities and intuition. If you belong to this sign, it will give you inner peace, it will help you reflect and find the root of your problems. It will release emotional pain and stress, if you have bad habits or addictions, it can help you control them.


This quartz goes very well with all water signs as it helps them with their emotional sensitivity. Encourages heart-based communication and promotes harmony. In Pisces it stimulates your intuitive powers and helps you focus during meditation exercises.

black onyx

Black onyx increases the personal strength of Pisces by helping them overcome their fears and stress. With his help, she can better understand his dark side and control it to let the light rule his inner world. In addition, it offers protection against negative energy.


This gem balances your intuition and emotions with logic, so it will help you have more wisdom to make decisions born from hunches. On the other hand, it promotes self-acceptance and gives you empowerment so you can calm your worries as well.

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