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protect your screen from prying eyes

Keeping your cell phone screen safe from unwanted eyes is an extra security factor that only privacy films can give you.

At privacy films protect the confidential information you have on your phone by blocking the side view of your screen. When you’re online in a public place, whether it’s on your homebanking account or commenting on your favorite social network, you can protect yourself using different security features.

Two-factor authentication or browsing through a VPN helps, but your protection will never be completely complete if you’re at the mercy of a sneaky glance at your screen when you’re typing something important or confidential.

If you’re looking for an extra protection factor that makes your phone even more secure, privacy films are definitely the next step you should take.

Privacy Films: Against Scratches and Prying Eyes

Privacy films work like the traditional tempered glass cases that we put on our cell phone screen when we want to protect it from accidental drops.

They can be of the PET/hydrogel film or tempered glass type and manage to preserve touch sensitivity on the screen. But in addition to physical protection against dust, scratches or breakage, privacy films use an extra technology that blocks your screen from being viewed from a 60-degree side view.

This means that only someone who is positioned right in front of your cell phone can see what is going on there. Whoever is on the side, if he is unable to place himself at a 90 degree viewing angle, between body and screen, will end up seeing that protected screen increasingly darker or even completely black (from a viewing angle of 30 degrees ), as if the cell phone were turned off.

The advantages are great, especially for those who use public transport or even for those who like to be on their cell phone at night in bed and don’t want to wake up whoever sleeps next to them. In a dark place, the discomfort caused by the light that the screen emits will be much less for those who are not facing it, if the screen is protected by a privacy film.

Privacy films: precautions to be taken

If you think that privacy films are for you, ask yourself what kind of films are on the market and which one is best for your device.

According to technicians at iServicesthere is some consideration to be made before choosing a privacy film and this consideration is almost always related to the brand and model of the cell phone, as well as the use that the user gives it in his day-to-day.

At iServices you will find privacy films for iphone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, among other brands. Visit the Online Store or one of the 40 or so stores across the country.

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